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Why Friendships are Important to Your Child

Have your children been feeling lonely missing their friends during the lockdown? We can all agree this year has been a hard and strange one. It has also been a stressful time for our children – not knowing when they will be going back to school and having to keep a safe distance from grandparents and their best friends. At SugarBay, we understand the value of great friendships in a child’s life and the tremendous impact it can have on their well-being.
When kids miss their friends, that loneliness might express itself as anger, anxiety and sleep problems. Most children will be pleased to get back into their familiar routine and might even want to spend more time with friends when this time of isolation finally comes to an end. As parents, we don’t like to see our children stressed and unhappy, we don’t want our children to be worried about global events because they are just kids. Our friends remain a hugely important part of our lives, from sharing problems, asking for advice, uncontr…

Upcoming December 2020 Camps

We have exciting news... Holiday Camp bookings are open for December 2020 and January 2021! Give your child the holiday of a lifetime. We have limited space available. Be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.
For more information about Sugar Bay or to book a Holiday Camp: Visit or call us 032 485 3778 or email:
Here are the themes to the upcoming Holiday Camps for December 2020 and January 2021:
Spiderwick Chronicles Week: 5-11 December 2020 Join us as we go into a spell-casting and unbinding adventure! Who's going to unbind the spells from the Spiderwick Chronicles in the Sugar Bay Kingdom?
Escape into a mythical world of Unicorns, Trolls and FairiesMake Goblin Snot, find the hidden unicorns and escape being sprinkled by Fairy DustCreative kids can escape into a fantasy of Mythical Creature Design, Magic Spell Classes, Fairy Garden Creation and Symbolic Bracelet Making Compete and Defeat the Ogres, Spirits and Griffins with daily Danc…

Camp - Just For The Health Of It

The diets and general physical activity of kids might need improvement after lockdown. Holiday camp is a good place for your kids to revisit healthy lifestyles. Sugar Bay promotes healthy eating and physical activity in 5 ways.

1. Eating PlansThe kitchen staff take note of all campers’ dietary needs. Every meal is served with fruits and vegetables, and regular water intake is encouraged by the counselors.

2. Tuckshop The Tuckshop promotes healthy snacks. Campers may only buy snacks containing sugar after lunch time, and only if only they are buying a healthy snack as well.

3. Positive Role ModelsHolidays are a time when kids are more vulnerable to inactivity and unhealthy eating behaviors. At Sugar Bay holiday camp, your kids will enjoy learning from the good example set by the older kids and counselors.

4. Daily HabitsOur experience has shown that repeated exposure to healthy foods and exercise promotes acceptance. A number of kids arrive at camp unenthusiastic about healthy eating and …

Parents Really Need A Break Now.

Lockdown has been long. So we get it, if you’re a parent that feels like you really need a break from being an all-in-one parent, friend and school teacher 24-hours a day.

Perhaps it’s best to look forward, and have a plan for your recuperation and a plan that will also give your kids the outdoor freedom and adventure they crave.

You are exhausted and your kids want an adventure — that’s what holiday camps are for, that's what camp counselors are for. Yes, holiday camps will re-open again. It’s something that you can look forward to.

During the down time, we have revamped the cabins to give holiday adventures a new look. New shooting games have been added to the program, and a new water slide has been installed. There is always something new at Sugar Bay. We even have a new menu. 

We understand that kids cannot wait to laugh and run around with their friends again. We also understand that parents would like more freedom to work, and to also have a break. So when holiday camps re-open…

Upcoming March/April Holiday Camps

The March/April school holidays are coming up soon. If you're wondering what to do with your kids, there is still time to book their stay at the best children's paradise in South Africa. We have four unique and exciting themes for each of our upcoming holiday camps. Places are limited and filling up quickly, so call us now to reserve a spot.
Escape Room Week: 22nd - 29th March This week will be all about deciphering codes to unlock doors that lead to epic adventures. On the final day, campers will have to follow the clues to find a key which will allow them to escape from Sugar Bay (with counselor supervision, of course), to have a braai at the beach. Highlights: Laser tag excursionFormal Vegas party nightEscape from Sugar Bay

Santa's Vacation Week: 12th - 19th April

When Santa is away, the elves will come to Sugar Bay to play! This will be a very festive and jolly week at camp. There will be crafts to make, toys to test and presents to unwrap.

Highlights: R100 tuck shop voucer …

How to Tie Dye Your Clothes Using Acrylic Paint

This trend from the 1960s has made a comeback! Tie dying your clothes is a fun way to add colour to your wardrobe. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Harry Styles and Willow Smith have all been spotted rocking the tie dye fashion trend.

What you need:
Acrylic paint in various colours of your choice Plastic bottles with spouts for each colour of paint (This is a good opportunity to recycle disposable water bottles or empty sauce bottles.) Warm water and cold water White t-shirt or material you want to tie dye Rubber bands


Mixing the paint can get quite messy, so it is best to do it outdoors on the grass. Pour a different colour of paint into each plastic bottle. You only need to fill about one eighth of the bottle with paint. 

Fill each bottle half way, with warm water. Put the lids on tightly and shake well. This step is very important if you are using acrylic paint. If it doesn't mix properly, the paint may become dry and crusty. Add cold water to fill up all the bottles an…

How Sugar Bay Camp is Completely Different

The word “camp” may conjure up memories of slurry porridge and compulsory exercise, but fortunately there is one camp in South Africa that will have your kids remembering the complete opposite.

In addition to their delicious dining experience, Sugar Bay Kids Camp is also unique in the following seven ways:

1. Activities are not compulsory
Sugar Bay offers over 100 activities, none of which are compulsory. This means that your children are free to choose what they would enjoy every day. Sugar Bay has all the usual camp activities like ropes obstacle courses, paintball, arts & crafts, BMXing, and kayaking, but they also have activities that are not found at most camps like water slides and a 4-station bungee trampoline.

2. This camp has a beach!
One of the best perks about Sugar Bay is that it has private access to the lagoon and beach. If you live inland and your children seldom have the opportunity to see the ocean, they will love being at Sugar Bay. Free-choice of activities means th…