Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sugar Bay has caught the Rugby Fever

There is no better way to support your favourite rugby team than to join in on the action. Not only will the 2015 Rugby World Cup come alive at Sugar Bay this October, but we're bringing England to camp too, since it's the host country of the World Cup after all. From English cuisine to meeting the queen (yep, you read right), we'll be doing it all. A variety of activities will be held throughout the week to commemorate the Rugby World Cup and England, including our very own Britain's Got Talent...of course we'll be doing it with a Sugar Bay twist.

Some of the activities campers will get to enjoy include but are not limited to:
  • A viewing of a live Rugby match at Sun Coast Casino fan park in Durban
  • Cheer-leading classes
  • Afternoon high tea -  just like they do in England

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Friday, 11 September 2015

We survived dinosaurs, arrows & obstacle jungles

The end of August meant the end of another season of holiday camps, but there is never an end to the unforgettable memories made at Sugar Bay. Over 400 campers graced our shores for 3 weeks of thrilling adventure. Despite our close encounters with hungry dinosaurs, flaming arrows and an obstacle course jungle, we were fortunately able to capture the best of each camp into these short, action-packed, nail-biting videos. With T-rex running loose and all, we felt it was necessary to capture what could've been our last moments. So we hope you enjoy watching them!

 Jurassic World's Roaring Moments:

The first camp was Jurassic World Week. Campers enjoyed a week of Jurassic wilderness  while trying to find the escaped T-Rex that had been causing so much havoc on our shores. Campers also enjoyed a trip to the Lion Park and a screening of Jurassic World at Gateway. It really was an exhilarating week for our intrigued campers.

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Watch the Jurassic World footage here

The odds were in our favour:

The odds were still in our favour at Sugar Bay’s Capitol as campers displayed their survival skills in various outdoor games inspired by the theme, Sugar Bay’s 75th Hunger Games.
For an authentic Hunger Games experience, archery was introduced as an activity for the week. After competing in intense survival challenges, District 12 were crowned the Hunger Game's champions; proving yet again that the odds are in their favour. 
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Watch the Hunger Games footage here

Wiped Out:

We ended our holiday camps with a birthday celebration. Camp was transformed into a Wipe Out obstacle course and campers also got to enjoy an excursion to Ushaka Marine World. The highlight of the week was the introduction of our new activity, a 4 station bungee trampoline which we named, Space Jump. Campers can now jump as high as 8 meters. We concluded the week with our birthday bash and delicious cake.

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Watch the Wipe Out week footage here

If the idea of adrenaline pumping adventure gets you excited, then pack your bags and head on over to Sugar Bay. Who knows what will be running loose on our shores next time? All we know is that we will need all the brave campers we can get. Think you have what it takes to be the next ultimate survivor? Book your spot now to join the next adventure, or alternatively give us a call us on (032) 485 3778 or email

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Totally Wiped Out at birthday week

The final week of holiday camp saw our campers enjoy out of this world Wipe Out challenges.
We also celebrated Sugar Bay's 14th Birthday, which only proved that Sugar Bay campers do know how to party in style. Below are some of the week's highlights:


The first day of camp was a buzz of excitement, campers spent their days at the beach enjoying beach activities, bonding with their friends, counselors as well as creating new friendships and memories. The day wouldn't be complete without a delicious picnic later. Campers had a fun evening playing a game of Minute to Wipe Out, and enjoying the Wipe Out obstacle course.

Day 2 of camp was a frenzy of excitement as campers enjoyed an adventure filled day of beach activities like, kayaking, surfing and SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding). Land activities included paintball, skating and high ropes, to name a few. We even saw some campers "touch the sky" thanks to Space Jump, our bungee trampoline. The wonderful day was concluded with an evening under the stars at a beach bonfire.

We had our excursion to uShaka Marine World, and campers enjoyed a day of fun and slides with their friends and counselors. Campers that didn't join us on the excursion,  enjoyed a fun filled day of Sugar Bay activities, before all campers turned in for an early night.

A late wake up was exactly what the campers needed to tackle the busy day that laid ahead of them. After the buzz of land and beach activities, including some amazing moves on the surfboard, the night was topped off with an awesome Wipe Out water carnival; which saw some of our favorite counselors covered in slime.


It's almost the end of camp, but there was still so much to do. Friday saw our campers run wild during our very own Colour Festival. Our campers also got the chance to design and decorate their own Sugar Bay birthday cake. What would Birthday week be without a party? Campers danced the night away at our California themed party, before enjoying a dance routine  and a fire show by some of our counselors and campers.



Saturday was still a hive of excitement as campers enjoyed a day of Wipe Out activities. Sugar Bay's director, Zoe Ellender, shared some inspirational words to our campers before we all indulged in some delicious birthday cake. Happy 14th Birthday Sugar Bay!