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December themes are in!!

Check it out peeps:

Seagull's EVERYWHERE!!! :)

Hey Guys! Seagull here.
We just got back from a weekend away with Sahara, Aprilia, Chana, Bantum, Tape and Bossie in St Lucia. We swam in the sea and chilled on the beach and I even saw a hippo!! For me that was amazing cause we don't get hippos in England - that's where I'm from. Nope, no hippos, but we get lots of rain, clouds and cold weather. Sometimes we even get snow - which is pretty cool - but I'd still rather be in South Africa where the sun shines and I get to hang out with cool campers like you guys!
My favourite activity here so far is high ropes. It's like an obsticle course in the trees and you get to wizz down a foofy slide! I also like body boarding cos the beach is so much fun!

Check you guys later!

Poodle I love you! <3 

2 more weeks till XBOX week!!!

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One big happy family

Hey guys!

So we went to St Lucia this weekend with some of the other counselors. It was really cool!
We did lots of staff bonding... so all of the counselors that went along get on better and know how to have a lot more fun.
It's Poodle's birthday so we're eating McDonalds mmmmm... thanks Poodle you shouldn't have :)
Chana left his shoes in St Lucia, so now he has no shoes... and it's raining today. Aprilia also jumped into a cold pool. Hope they doesn't get sick.
There were hippos in St Lucia! It was so cool! They were crossing the road. One was chasing Tape, but don't worry, Tape got away. There were also crocodiles! Sahara got to wrestle with one, just like crocodile dundee! (She's OK too)  It was Seagul's first time seeing these animals, so she was really excited and thought that a lion or something was going to eat them when Bantum lost the house keys!
We found Bossie thismorning looking for kangaroos on the beach... maybe someone should tell h…

Sad Goodbye and Happy memories...

So our June/July holiday camps have now come to an end. It has been an amazing past three weeks filled with fun, laughter and friends. Nobody really wanted to leave, but I know you guys will be back soon. Goodbye isn't really goodbye at Sugar Bay anyway :)

If you weren't lucky enough to be here these holidays, here's what you missed out on... :)


Sugar Bay reaching new hights through all you cool campers! 

This cool guy got just 3 crates away from breaking the record!

 Visitthe PolesWeek: This week was Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrriliant! (haha...get it?)

The A.C.s got a special outing to the Ice rink...

 ...They all plan on trying out for the next Winter Olympics...

Brainiac Week:  A picture is worth a thousand words, right?...

 ... Need I say more? :)

So now you've seen it! :) Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more info on our next camps in August!
Stay cool peeps!

Coming Soon!!!!


Super Science!!!


So....its been a CrAzY week at camp - its brainiac week as you all know and boy has it been a NERD fest around here! After casino night on Wednesday, everyone got to do and make these super cool experiments. We made match rockets, a rainbow in a glass (oh yes), amazing sticky corn goo and got to pick up a block of ice with a piece of string! (without tying a knot or anything - it's unbelievable!)

The AC's are have been doing their own secret experiments - the other night they got to stay up late and make rice krispie treats with Aprillia and even better had a late wake up and breakfast! Spoilt i tell you! :)

Even better, the CITs are doing GREAT! Looking forward to seeing some AWESOME counselors around in the near future....Introducing.... Monster, The Future, Yum Yum, Fruit loop, Treadmill, Afro, Neon and Sparta! Look out for them next time you are at camp!

There's ;ots of plannning and exciting things on the go for our BIRTHDAY week! So make sure to tell your mom,…


Hey guys,

I'm secretly hoping that someone will comment on my post :)

Firstly, I have to tell you guys that last week the AC's went ice skating...I was supposed to get back to you and completely forgot! Visit the Poles was MAD fun and there just isn't enough time in one day to tell you all about it!

Anyway, that's old news! It's Brainiac week this week and we have experiments on the go ALL day EVERY day! There are things blocking doorways that are getting broken down every lunch! So far there has been the toilet paper door, the newspaper door and today was the black bag door. The most successful experiment so far has been the toilet paper door! A nice soft break :)

Otherwise, we have a casino evening tonight with secret compartments that can be bought by the campers to get the instructions and ingredients to perform an experiment. It's going to be AMAZING! Can't wait :)

The counselors are all dressed up in crazy glasses, suspenders and the newest trend is t…

Poodle at the Poles

Hey my friends!

You guys are missing out if you are not here right now!
Aero Mania week was such a blast and got to see some cool old faces like my rubbishes from last year :)
Visit the Poles is AMAZING! We've got Assumption here at the same time, so camp is jum packed with fun faces and great vibes! Also some cool old faces again. Cant wait to see what Brainiac week brings!!!!!

Anyway... life in general has been cool and pretty chilled. Chocolate and me bought KFC and 2 packs of Ultramel Custard last night and ate it ALL between the two of us while watching Big Bang Theory :) It was EPIC! haha. Wish we could do that every night!

Cant wait to see all of you back at camp soon! Check out our facebook page for all the themes for the rest of the year! Also, we'll be running more CIT coarses in August and December where you learn to be a cool Sugar Bay counselor and then you get PAID to have fun ALL DAY!!!!! What!?! Yes...


Anyway... G2g friends!

Stay cool and don't eat ye…


Hey guys!

So it's officially the FIRST day of our second July holiday camps! All of the campers are climbing trees, skating it up in the hall or playing an interesting version of soccer on the field - including some hoola hoops and pool noodles??? Paintball is about to kick off with everyone ready to battle it out in the arena!

The CIT's are being shown around Sugar Bay and are learning about a day in the life of a counselor. They are here with us for the next 2 weeks to train up to be part of our AMAZING Sugar Bay counselor family!

As for the AC's...well they have their own PRIVATE beach session later, (YIP private beach session!) they are going to enjoy kayaking to campout tomorrow afternoon and they have their own excursion planned for later this week...will update you guys later! I can't spoil the surprise today SO watch this space!

Everyone here is dressed up in anything fluffy and furry! Complete with moose hats and penguins! Even the ladies in the office are cat…

Right now?... We're ROCKING OUT!


Back with a Bang!

Hey Guys! Whatsup!
So we encountered a bit of technical dificulty with our old blog and you tube and stuff and they don't exist anymore... but dont worry! We're rebuilding! Bigger and even better!
Whatch this space!