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Sugar Bay Campfire S'mores Recipe

At Sugar Bay we don't put out any of our campfires without making s'mores first. S'mores are a tradition and an absolute necessity at our camp during final campfire; not only because they are so delicious, but also because they are so easy and fun to make.
We use specific ingredients to create our Sugar Bay Campfire and we're about to share the secret to our delicious s'mores with you. 

How to make: Sugar Bay Camp S'mores

You will need:

1 Packet of Baker's Tennis Biscuits
1 Packet of Manhattan Pink & White Marshmallows
1 Bar of Cadbury Flake Milk Chocolate
A pack of Sosati Sticks
A Warm Campfire Supervised by Adults and surrounded by people you love

Place two individual Baker's Tennis Biscuits next to one another. One will be your base, and the other will be your cover.
On one Baker's Tennis Biscuit (the base), sprinkle, by crumpling with your fingers, thick chunks of Cadbury Flake Milk Chocolate.
Grab a Sosati Stick and attach one Ma…

3 Reasons why you shouldn't fear Sharks

Since the movie Jaws and its sequels were released, sharks have acquired the reputation as “Monsters” to mankind. Sharks are magnificent creatures and certainly not blood-thirsty man-eaters. Take a look at some of these facts below that will change your opinion towards sharks and realize that there is so much more to these species than their bite.

Here are 3 Reasons why you shouldn't fear those big fish with sharp teeth:

1. Humans are not part of a shark's preferred diet

Sharks have six highly refined senses, namely; smell, hearing, touch, taste, sight, and electromagnetism. These finely honed senses, along with a sleek, torpedo-shaped body, make most sharks highly skilled hunters. They often serve as top predators—keeping populations of prey species in check. However, sharks do not like how human beings taste. Instead, they prefer fish. sharks don't like the boniness of humans. So, given a choice, they'd rather eat a fat, plump seal than a scrawny, bony human — even if…

Experiential Education – Education via Experience

Simple, yet essential life skills like appreciation, courage, trust, etcetera, cannot be studied out the pages of a book. These lessons require direct participation and are best learned from purposeful reflection.  A holiday camp which encourages spontaneous opportunities for learning seemed to be a great start for laying the foundation for experiential education.
Experiential Education is a process through which a learner constructs knowledge, skill, and value from direct experience. 

At SugarBayholiday camp, four metres elevated from the ground, was not only where a new crate building record was achieved, but also courage. Motivated by a bunch of campers, a little boy conquered his fear of heights. This was where he discovered that he was indeed a courageous young man.

A few metres away, a group of girls were sitting under a tree, braiding friendship bracelets. After the class, they exchanged bracelets with a stranger, who had now become a friend. Friendships were built. 
At the theatre,…

What inspires youngsters to work as camp counselors?

At Sugar Bay Resort, we're lucky enough to have an abundance of simply amazing camp counselors. A camp counselor is an assistant at a children's camp, and often a high-school or college student, who supervises a group of children. A camp counselor directs a particular activity, for example: arts & crafts, kayaking, etc. Our Sugar Bay counselors are given special “camp names” which becomes their new identity.  Chaplin, Aurora, Veggie, Paris, Tape, Nikon, Bounce, Fives...
If you've been to camp before, then surely you're familiar with these counselors and their crazy camp names.  The idea behind these camp names are for our staff to become the best versions of themselves while at camp. 
Here's an example:
There's a girl named Jane Doe.  Jane Doe's Background:
Jane Doe grew up in an abusive neighborhood where drugs and alcohol were easily available. The only thing Jane Doe loved about home is her pet dog Max, who is now unfortunately late. Jane misses Max and is…

5 Easy Ways to Pack for Camp

Packing for camp can really become a strenuous and complicating task for any parent whose child hasn’t had the experience before. Yes, it’s an informal setting, but that doesn’t mean that our kids can survive out there like the layman. And yes, it’s in the outdoors, but that doesn’t mean your child needs to take their entire household with them either. Packing correctly for camp is actually one of the most significant steps that will determine whether the camping experience is either fulfilling or unpleasant. It’s all about getting the essentials right that will ensure comfort and complete gratification. 

Here are some packing essentials that you should never exclude from your child’s luggage before they head over to camp:

1. Medication: 

One of the most important things you need to send with your child to camp is definitely their emergency/chronic medication. This would include Asthma pumps, Cortisone, Epipens, etc. This medication needs to be carefully packed, in an easily accessible, …

5 Benefits of Working as a Camp Counselor

Not all people were made to sit behind a desk, in front of a computer screen all day. Some people actually prefer being hands on in a casual and dynamic environment. For these non-corporate souls, one of the most suited job options would be to work as a camp counselor. A camp counselor is usually an adult supervisor assigned to a group of campers at a holiday camp. The roles of a camp counselor include leadership, supervision, and ensuring campers' well-being, as well as making their camp experience as fun and rewarding as possible. 

Besides allowing people to earn an income in a casual and fun environment, there are many other long-term benefits that being a camp counselor has to offer. 

Here are five benefits of working as a camp counselor: 

1. You gain and improve on leadership skills

Camp counselors are always leading; physically, in day-to-day activities, and mentally, through strategies implemented to ensure the smooth running of camp. Being a camp counselor provides the opportu…