Tuesday, 26 September 2017

5 Reasons to send kids to summer camp solo

Children are always stressing their parents about whether or not their friends will be attending summer camp with them. Most kids actually miss out on this incredible experience if they cannot be in the company of their buddies. This is unfortunate since there are so many benefits and opportunities that come with attending summer camp solo. 
Here are 5 reasons why you should send your kids to summer camp solo:

1. Learn new skills solo

The opportunity to learn new skills is always gaping at summer camp. However, it’s greater when you send your child to camp by himself/herself. When you send your children to camp solo, they are forced to try out multiple new things by themselves, without the influence of a friend. This opens a new door, allowing them to try things they never had before and possibly discover new skills and talents. 
2. Shatter limitations

When your child goes camping with a friend, they know that they always have someone to depend on. This sometimes sets limitations for them. For example; knowing that you’ve got a partner to help you during a task would mean you share the duties, therefore, setting a limitation. However, participating in this task by yourself and realizing that you can do so much on your own, instantly shatters that limitation and will most certainly build up self-confidence and independence in your child. 
3. Leave worries behind

Coming to camp solo gives your child the opportunity to leave their worries behind. Often our friends know too much about us and we are always sharing our troubles with them. Having to meet someone for the very first time creates the curiosity to focus on getting to know them better, rather than focusing on their problems or your own. If your child is going through a difficult stage, it would be better to help them focus on getting to know a new face better, instead of rekindling their problems with someone they’re familiar with. 
4. Discover the kindness of strangers

With the media thriving on bad news and focusing solely on how people hurt one another, trust has become a significant issue amongst young adults and children, hindering the opportunity to create new friendships and pursue relationships. Sending your child to camp solo will allow them to be exposed to a bunch of strangers and realize that not everyone out there has bad intentions. They will discover that strangers can actually be very kind and are worth giving a chance to. 
5. Making new friends 
After realizing that strangers are kind, your children will open up their hearts to making new friends at camp. This will be great, rather than them having a small circle of friends which can limit the opportunity of being socially involved. There is nothing better than making a summer camp friendship in an environment where the worries of the world are left behind and happiness and fun are the rule of the day, every day. 
The next time you decide to send your kids to summer camp, your decision shouldn’t be based on their friend’s attendance, but, the benefits and opportunities that going to camp solo have to offer them. 

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What are your children eating at sleepover camp?

One of the greatest concerns parents have, is based on what their kids are being fed at sleepover camp. Summer camp requires kids to be energetic and on-the-go all day long, therefore, kids need to be well-fed and eating fresh, healthy and balanced meals every day.
Having been running successfully as a holiday camp for kids and teens for the past sixteen years, Sugar Bay Resort has specially designed their camp menu to serve fresh, healthy, balanced and hearty meals on a daily basis. 
After some research, we have compared Sugar Bay Resort’s menu with other summer camps in the area and here are some interesting things that were noted; 
Breakfast Menus:

Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, and, at Sugar Bay Resort, campers are spoiled for choice. The camp works on a three-course system for breakfast and dinner. For example, there would be a starter option of cereal/yogurt/porridge/oats, the main course would be a warm meal such as bacon and whole eggs, and the sweet snack option would be light and on-the-go, such as a fruit. The menu breakfast menu at Sugar Bay boasts a variety. Some of the meals prepared as a main for breakfast include; French toast, breakfast pie, pork sausages and whole eggs, croissants with bacon and cheese, pancakes and boiled eggs and poached eggs with hash browns. 
Other camps offered a very limited breakfast option of just cereals, toast, eggs and porridge as a warm meal every morning. Their breakfast menu did not include any meat. Their menus were not divided into three courses, nor were they balanced or offered any variety. The only varieties offered were amongst the choice of only three cereals.

Lunch Menus: 
A midday break and a wholesome lunch is what boosts camper’s energy levels and prepares them for another afternoon session full of activities. Most camps offer a very simple lunch based on the usual hot dog and chips meal, however, with a small twist, for example; chicken strips on a roll or beef strips on a roll with chips and salad. Having a bread roll for lunch everyday isn’t very healthy, nor is it filling. Once again, these lunch menus offered at other camps are rather limited. 
At Sugar Bay Resort, every meal prepared for lunch is served with a variety of salads, healthy vegetables and fruit. Salads include beetroot salad, coleslaw, salsa salad and lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers served separately. Some of the meals prepared for lunch at the camp include; chicken strips with mash, hot dogs with chips, cottage pie, macaroni and cheese, beef stir-fry with rice and fish and chips. All these lunch-time meals are served with a sweet snack at least two hours after lunch in order to keep campers going until dinner time. Some of the snacks prepared are; rice crispy treats, oat crunchies, brownies, cupcakes, ice-lollies, chips and fresh, cut up fruit. 
Dinner Menus: 
After a day full of action, campers deserve a wholesome meal for dinner that would keep their tummies satisfied all night until breakfast the next morning. Sugar Bay Resort’s three-course menu for dinner is again, quite delightful. There is a range of salads and roasted vegetables served as a starter, a hearty warm meal for the main and, a sweet treat for dessert to give the campers some hype before the evening programs commence. Some of the main meals include; spaghetti bolognese, beef lasagna, chicken curry with rice, beef stew with rice, chicken a-la-king, sweet and sour chicken with noodles and hamburgers and chips. The desserts served include; ice-cream with chocolate sauce, chocolate mousse, brownies with whipped cream, cheesecake, malva pudding, and traditional South African peppermint tart. 
Other camps in the area only offered dinner served with rice or pasta. There were no variations. Some options included; spaghetti bolognese, chicken a-la-king with rice and pasta. The dessert options were either ice-cream with peaches or chocolate sauce. It’s very unlikely that campers would be satisfied until the next morning with such a limited menu for dinner. Also, having processed carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, and bread on a daily basis is considered unhealthy, since they strip away beneficial fiber. 
The next time you consider sending your child to sleepover camp, you should most certainly put Sugar Bay Resort at the top of your list. Besides knowing that your kids are being given exceptional care, you can rest assured that the quality of food being served is just as good. It’s been proven that kids are more focused and happier once they’ve eaten healthy, balanced meals, and Sugar Bay Resort strives to maintain this. 

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Friday, 15 September 2017

New Sports Hall & Water Feature at Sugar Bay

In celebration of Sugar Bay’s super sweet sixteenth, Sugar Bay Directors, Zoe & Nic Ellender gifted camp with another fabulous feature, as they do every year. 
This year, however, they felt generous and decided to gift Sugar Bay with not one, but two incredible features;

1. New Indoor Sports Hall 

What was once just an empty, sheltered room with sports equipment was transformed into a brand new indoor sports hall. The Directors had a longing to renovate this space in order to accommodate outdoor sporting activities indoors on rainy days. The sports hall has been fitted with beautiful, marked sprung flooring, 25 by 15 meters in length and will be perfect to host a multitude of sporting activities and campers at once.  
The new indoor sports hall will feature the following activities:
  • Indoor climbing wall
  • Indoor basketball
  • Indoor soccer
  • Indoor volleyball
  • Indoor ultimate Frisbee
In the pipeline:
  • Senior Gym for Advanced Campers (ACs) above the sports hall
The new indoor sports hall will be a wonderful addition to camp and would be ideal to support school fitness/sports tours. 
2. Inflatable UFO Water Feature

Even though we offer an array of water activities at camp in various bodies of water, the Directors thought it would be superb to introduce a brand new water toy that will have campers and counselors having endless fun in the lagoon and pool. The inflatable UFO is great in the water and challenges its user’s balance and strength skills. This water feature will definitely be integrated in most of our water-activity programming in the future and will be something the kids will love at camp. 
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Review: August/September 2017 Holiday Camps

We bid farewell to winter and promised that our August holiday camps were going to be amazing, and we delivered. We hosted four holiday camps which hosted a total of 351 campers. We stepped into spring in style as we always do, however, this year, by celebrating our super, sweet sixteenth at Sugar Bay! 
X-Factor week : 6-13 August

We rolled out the red carpet and gave all our 77 talented campers a platform to showcase their talents this week at camp. We hosted our very own version of the X-Factor, called the S-Factor at Sugar Bay, where campers competed for the ultimate prize of a free holiday camp to Sugar Bay. Our Sugar Bay Superstar was Shawn Li, who won the judges over with his spectacular break dancing. The campers participated in many fun activities integrated around the theme such as; Capturing the X-Factor, Lip Sync Battles, Carnival night, Karaoke, The S-Factor Show and a Red Carpet Party night and Awards evening. They also went on an exciting excursion to the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre in Durban, where they watched a hypnotist perform live.

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Amazon week : 13-20 August

This week, 122 campers put on their camouflaged outfits and were well prepared to adventure in the world’s largest tropical rainforest, the Amazon. South African explorer, humanitarian and author, Kingsley Holsgate, made a special appearance at camp and educated campers about geography and conservation. He also shared many of his adventurous experiences with them. The campers enjoyed many fun activities integrated around the theme such as; How to survive in the wild 101, Survival Auction, Survival of the fittest, Save the Amazon Rain Forest, Ultimate Frisbee in the Rainforest, Brazilian themed dinner, Amazon Party Night and an Amazon River chill-out session. They also went on an exciting excursion to the Umgeni Bird Park in Durban, where they got to view and interact with a variety of bird species.

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Emoji week : 20-27 August

Sending texts without emojis would be rather boring, which is why we held an Emoji-themed holiday camp, so that we could express our emotions all week with these cool and creative characters and 103 campers. Everyday campers would share how they felt by drawing an emoji up on our Emoji board. Campers participated in activities integrated around the theme such as; Giant Emoji Pictionary, Emoji Art Mixer, Emoji Creationary, Emoji Flags of the World and Emoji Party Night. They also went on an exciting excursion to 22 Jump Street in Ballito, where they got to have endless fun jumping on the variety of trampolines.

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Sugar Bay Super Sweet 16: 27 August – 3 September

Sugar Bay turned 16 this year, and we celebrated by throwing a super, sweet sixteen bash all week long with 49 campers. Camp was gifted with a newly renovated sports hall which would accommodate indoor sports during rainy days, as well as an inflatable UFO water feature which would ensure campers had endless fun in the water. Campers enjoyed many fun activities integrated around the theme such as; Birthday Auction, Beach Bonfire, Musical Party Night, MTV Night, Night under the Stars, Dinner by the Campfire, Red Carpet Show Night, Halloween Prom Night and All Camp Pool Party. They also went on an exciting excursion to the Ushaka Marine World Aquarium and themed Water Park in Durban, where they had endless fun splashing in the water and going down the highest water slide in Africa.

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