Wednesday, 17 December 2014

7 Wonders of the World Week

What an amazing holiday camp we had last week: 7 days = 7 Wonders of the World = AWESOMENESS! I took a stroll around the camp and saw happy children, crazy counselors and smiles all around. I, an office dweller - lathered completely with sun screen (I might have looked like a badly iced cake), armed with my cool shades and visor cap – dared to leave the airconditioned office and step into the wild. And it was amazing - the atmosphere was positively electric!

I asked a few kids what their favourite Sugar Bay experience was, and the votes are in – the winner is... the Fire Show!!! Oh, don't worry, we told them not to try this at home... or at school... or next door. We were pretty clear about that. Hot topic!

I must say that every single child mentioned how awesome it is to meet new people and make new friends. Aww, sweet.

And that's me. Office dweller, past Transvaaler, smeared with a thick layer of sunscreen, signing out of cyber-world and jumping back into Sugar Bay Land.