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Keeping Up with Nifty Natalija

In 2015, we saw Natalija walk through our gates on our Thailand week, and as we celebrate her 20th camp anniversary, she shares her journey at Sugar Bay and how camp has become her second home.

"I always felt like a little bit of an outcast at school, but when I came to camp I just blended in; I was welcomed by the warmest and kindest counselors that I still hold close to my heart to this day.

With Walnut being one of the counselors that helped her push through her insecurities, Natalijila dreams of being a counselor so she can help other kids come out of their shell.

"I already have a counselor name! That's how serious I am. In 2 years I will be doing my C.I.T course and I'm pretty excited about it."

Quick Q&A 
1. What has been your favourite themed holiday camp and why? 
"Definitely Thailand week! It was the start of me finding my voice. I found a place where I could be myself fully."
2. If you could travel anywhere in the in the world where …