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I'm sure each and everyone one of you have heard of FUNSUNZI ! Next week at Sugar Bay we will be bringing this theme alive! What better place than Sugar Bay. We already have the basics! FUN! THE SUN and THE SEA! Now lets get crazy with some wild ideas.
To start this week off our stay-over campers will being going on Excursion! They are off to Splash, the water park! This is going to be an awesome day filled with fun, sun and not the sea, but water! Campers and counselors will be going down slides all day and even take a calm ride on the lazy river!
Now back to Funsunzi week...
Each day next week we will be having a theme of the day! Flip Flop Friday, Bikini and Boardshort Saturday, Sunglasses Sunday and then Monday Madness! There will be prizes for our best dressed campers!
I personally love the beach and all the amazing creatures that are found in our ocean. One night this week campers will get the chance to learn all about dolphins,…

Seasons Greetings from the Bay

You can feel the tingle in the air...the festive season has arrived - with bells on! We sadly say farewell to our last bunch of campers, and what a cool bunch they were! No matter what you celebrate at this time of the year, the Sugar Bay magic has been liberally sprinkled over everyone! "Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living". (A. Bradley). 

It has been an unbelievable week at camp, the fun started and just did not stop. From sunrise bodyboarding and the rare experience of ocean SUPing (stand-up paddleboarding), we have had a blessed three weeks leading up to Christmas! The lagoon has stayed closed and the weather has been phenomenal. Alongside kids new to camp, seasoned campers fit right in like they have never left.  A big shout out to those joining us for the tenth time! I pass throngs of exhilarated, slightly wide-eyed kids, ready to board trains, planes and automobiles. Back at the office, the calls f…

Dodge gives us the December Holiday Scoop

Hi Sugar Bay Followers!

Sugar Bay has been INSANE so far!
We started with Bubble Week, which was awesome. There were bubbles everywhere! Not to mention a foam pit and the great party night that followed.

It's great to see lots of new faces and new counselors that have joined our Sugar Bay family. It makes me so happy to know that Sugar Bay is getting bigger and better every day, with new activities and new friends.

Holiday week was crazy too. Every day was a different holiday. We had Valentines day with hearts and love everywhere, Easter Day and Christmas! But my favourite day was St Paddy's day. Everyone was running around in my favourite colour (green) and acting like leprechauns, hunting for their pot o' gold. It was nuts!

At the moment, it's Wild Valley Water Park week. There is water everywhere and slides and we're even going to bring out the wake snake! I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. I'm also excited for a wicked excursion to the water sli…

Holidays Week Happenings

First week working as a photographer at Sugar Bay in a summer camp and I couldn't believe how much fun I had! This past week was Holidays Week and I had such an awesome time seeing kids having the time of their lives and making new friends.
Campers got to explore new talents like; surfing, body boarding, rock climbing, BMXing and so much more! Almost everyone who went on Jacob's Ladder even got to the top pole with their partners, showing such amazing team skills and determination. Even the chilled out activities like arts and crafts or bracelet making was so cool because the campers got to show off their artistic talents.
The evening programs were really cool! We had a Halloween carnival, Camp Out, an Irish evening, Easter Talent show and, of course, Party night topped off with an AMAZING fire show! I could barely hold back my excitement when the campers came into view with their amazing glowing spinning poi. They had skills!
I can tell there will be even more insanely awesome c…

Bollywood is about to hit Sugar Bay...

Hello all you beautiful campers! Yes it's Paris with your Monday scoop of what is happening here at the Bay! Holidays week is in full swing and is nearly coming to an end! :( But not to worry, Wild Valley Water Park is going to be hitting us in full swing this Wednesday! So I have decided to give you all a sneak peek at the week and maybe this will help convince your parents to send you to another one of our awesome weeks!

Wild Valley Water Park is a huge  water park located in Dubai and situated in front of the stunning Burj Al Arab.  This park offers over 30 rides and many more other attractions. So I decided why not have a week dedicated to this water park, water and of course the magic of a stunning country, yes Dubai! So hold onto your seats ladies and gentlemen, things are going to get wet and wild!

This week there will be lots of wild and crazy water activities at camp! For the Juniors,  you guys will be taking part in a water relay, where you will compete against each oth…

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! May the luck of the Irish be yours! 

Confused? Don't check the's Holidays Week at Sugar Bay! Christmas, Valentine's Day, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter & Eid. The festivities just don't end, but that's not all...  
 The free excursion for stay-over campers to the Ballito Crocodile Farm was good, clean jaw-smacking fun. Campers got to learn how to stroke a croc's belly one way to make him sleep and another way to wake him up (the latter being a scary stroke towards his gaping mouth)!  
 Today, Friday the 13th (really) will be hard pressed to bring anything but good luck and fortune to all at camp. The beach beckons, activities summon the brave, the creative and the curious.  And another beautiful day comes to the Bay!  
On a final note, we would like to welcome back Alaska! She has rejoined the Sugar Bay family after an absence of 2 years.  "I am happy to be back", she said, "although it has been…

The Bubble Never Bursts at Sugar Bay!

Kids... Today is the first day of the rest of your life... well, if you've just arrived at Sugar Bay for the start of Bubble Week, then today is the first day of the best week of your life!
Moms & Dads... Allow me to share a bit of the magic of camp with you. Upon arrival at Sugar Bay, campers were greeted by an effervescently enthusiastic bunch of councelors, eager to reunite with kids who had been here before and equally excited to welcome those here for the very first time. The bubbles were flying,, the buses were leaving, councelors' names were being called out loudly & and the good times had just begun.
The dining hall at Sugar Bay is a bit like the hall at Hogwarts (if you don't know where that is, ask your kids when they get back). The ceiling is high, tables groan with delicious food and magic truly is in the air. With bellies full and eyes drowsy, campers follow the winding paths up to the treetop cabins where dreams take over for the night.
Saturday dawns gr…

Poodle's Kitchen

So... I am in the process of moving into my new house with my sister, Doodle, and my bestie, Kodak. The best thing about this house? We're going to have our own kitchen! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!

So... Like any normal, kitchen-acquiring person, I am researching cool stuff that I can make in this kitchen.
Today, I came accross this:

Is this not pure awesome!?!?!I cannot WAIT to try it.
Find me on facebook and post some of your cool food creations on my wall. I'll give a free high-five to every person that does it :)

Over and out.

Sneak Peak at Bubble Week!

Let's be honest, everyone loves Bubbles! They symbolise happiness, fun and if you've noticed kids love bubbles and love being around them. So I decided why not create a week around them, so campers can enjoy the magic that of bubbles.

This week all campers will be able to do a variety of fun new activities with a bubble twist. We will have everything, Bubbles, Bubble Gum, Bubble Wrap and even Bubbly chocolate, just to name a few! All ages will be able to participate in something fun and exciting.
For the Juniors get ready to create art work with bubbles and bubbles in all sorts of shapes and sizes during Bubble Night. Then work together in a team to get supplies for your very own rainbow bubble snake! Intermediates will have their brain power tested in our Bubble Dunk were they can slime some of their favourite counselors! They will then be given the chance to create a human size bubble and much more in our Bubble Carnival! Seniors are the most advanced here at Sugar Bay and cla…

This Morning's Mini Roadtrip - Back to the 90s!

Hey friends!

So this morning I CRAWLED out of bed at half past 5 in the morning and rolled myself into the bathroom to get ready to visit Ashton College in Ballito.
I've never been a morning person... most of the time, I'm scared to look in the mirror until about 10am and battle to put a full sentance together until I have had my 9am cup of coffee. Today was somehow different.

Kodak, Dodge and myself grunted good morning to eachother and pulled ourselves into the Sugar Bay car at 6:30 in the morning (Who in their right mind is awake at this time!?!). As we were leaving Zinkwazi Beach, I decided to turn on the radio to keep us awake until we could stop to get some caffine in our systems. And... BAM! Spice Girls Wannabe was playing! I remember dancing around the living room to this song when I was about 13 years old with my younger sister - Hair in "Baby Spice" pigtails and my sister sporting a "Mel C" up-do.

All of us in the car - including "Mr Manly&quo…

There will be a war.... People will fight over water.

Goood morning all :)
I hope your week has been as productive as mine has! Since there are still no camps this week, my blog is more of an awareness.. Please take 5 minutes out of your day to read this sad but true and very relevant story..
A 45-year-old mother of seven, lives in northern Kenya’s Marsabit District, where life is a daily struggle for scarce water and pasture.
Abdalla’s family lives on about 10 litres of water per day, far below the 20-50 litres per person per day recommended by the UN. She told IRIN/PlusNews about her daily struggle for water: “When it is the turn of my Manyatta [a small settlement] to take water from the nearby water vending place, I wake up in the morning at four o’clock so that I am sure by midday, I will have received my portion of water. I usually find the queue already so long, and some people you get already queuing tell you they have been there from 3am.