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Southdowns College loves Sugar Bay counselors

We said goodbye to our Southdowns College campers last week Friday, after an epic week in the Bay! Just before they left, we caught up with the campers and teachers, and this is what they had to say about their experience at Sugar Bay.

We asked our campers these three questions: What were your highlights of camp? What is that one thing you'll miss about camp?   Any lessons, camp taught you? 
Robyn Rhodes (11)
1. The food was really good! 2. I will miss all the counselors. 3. I learnt how to get off a current in the ocean and a lot of teamwork skills.

Sohana Pillay (12)  1. It has to be the beach, crate building and the food was really nice. 2. I will miss all the counselors, but Pebbles was my favourite. 3. We were taught not to get into the pool without a lifeguard on that chair.

Steven Peddie (11)
1. I really enjoyed the king swing and sea swimming. 2. I will miss the counselors. 3. Learnt how to body board properly, which will be helpful because I will be in Durban for the holidays.


April's foam-breathing, boat-rocking dragon myths.

April has come and gone but a lot of memories were created during our Holiday Camp at Sugar Bay. Over 300 hundred kids were part of this amazing experience. The camps ran for four weeks and each week had it's own special theme.

We rocked that boat! Our first camp was Rock the boat week, our rock star campers were taken on an adventure like never before. Our young sailors were welcomed into our Sugar Bay Cruise Liner and were kept entertained until they arrived. It was a week of loads of fun. 

Let the Dragon adventures begin! And so the dragon adventures began in our second April holiday camp! Our How to Train your Dragon campers enjoyed a lot of activities including paintball, sea swim, dune jumping and a lot more. Did we mention that our Junior Dragons had a Dragon Hunt, Camp Out/Camp In and Dragon Training, while the seniors tried their hand at being the Ultimate Dragon Chef, had epic Vikings Evening and also went to Camp Out/Cam. How amazing is that? 

Myths busted!

A group of cra…

Southdowns spreads their contagious team spirit

It's that time of the week: a sneak peak on all the fun that's happening at camp this week.

The Southdowns College grade 6's landed at Sugar Bay on Monday afternoon. Excitement was written all over their faces. This is their first time here, and they didn't know what to expect. Their minds are surely blown away by our cool counselors, exciting activities, the beach and a lot more FUN.

Can you imagine ninety eight children plus four teachers with amazing energy? This week is going to be an epic one at camp.
First thing's first, campers were divided into their different cabin groups. They were already singing war cries at this point! Talk about team spirit!
Campers are treated to fun-filled activities everyday, all day. If they're not at the beach having fun in the sun - be it surfing, body boarding, kayaking, sea swimming or doing some beach craft - they'll be playing soccer, touch rugby, wall climbing, water rockets, skating, arts and crafts and a lot more.


Sugar Bay is heaven for kids

Tweet, a newbie staff member, shares her experience about her first impressions of Sugar Bay.
Like many new campers, I didn't know what to expect for my first time at Sugar Bay. I was excited and scared at the same time, and an unexpected delay had me freaked out, since I was expected to arrive at 9am. All of that changed the minute I arrived. I felt like a kid in a candy shop and there were so many cool things that caught my eye as I made my way to the reception area. I couldn't wait to take photos and post on my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

I was introduced to the amazing Sugar Bay team and when I say amazing, I literally mean the team is just too sweet but the counselors have to be my favourite. The few counselors that I can remember are Tropika, Pepsi, Veggie, Iron Brew, Gummy Bear and Freestyle. Yes, I think there is a Freestyle at camp. If I were given the chance, I would honestly go back to school just so I could experience the epic time children have here.
I arrived …

Enjoy summer in July - only at Sugar Bay!

Remember that one time when it was really really cold and nobody could ride their bikes or eat ice-cream? Well we don't, and neither do any of our Sugar Bay campers because every day is a sunny day here! We're celebrating our summer in winter madness with a little bit of France (ooh-la-la), a good dose of ice-cream and waffles, and we're singing winter to the curb at the top of our voices!

Pitch Perfect Week (28 June - 5 July)Are your vocal chords at the ready? No?! Aca-scuse me? Fear not, a week of Pitch Perfect palooza will get you ready to sing your heart out.

With this year's highly anticipated release of Pitch Perfect 2, we figured it was the perfect (haha, get it!) time to celebrate the aca-awesome movie that had us all practicing our do-re-mi's, singing into hairbrushes and attempting to make some sort of rhythm with a few plastic cups.

Whether you're tone-deaf or already a daring diva, you're sure to have the time of your life during this week's h…

You know you're a Sugar Bay camper when...

You arrive speaking perfectly good English (or French or Spanish etc) and leave saying things like "Inja" and "Yeah Boi!"  Words like 'helicopter' and 'butterfly' take on completely different meanings... #poi
Seeing monkeys outside your bedroom window becomes just an everyday thingWearing shoes becomes a thing of the past... who needs 'em?!No matter the activity, Tuck Shop is always the best part of every day
The Party Room has the power to instantly transform you into a professional fist pumper, right on!You know a duck that thinks he's a dog (Borris) and learn that the 3 little pigs is more than just a child's storyWearing sunscreen is cool, especially if it's brightly coloured ZinkaYou choose to wear a beanie to the beach, in the middle of summer, because they're awesome #SugarBaymerchandise
Your role models, while awesome, don't sound like real people with names like Gummie Bear, Sprite, Sticky and JavelinYou catch yourself…