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Mumble in the jungle :)

Wow! what an awesome camp! Birthday week so ROCKED!!! We had the best time ever. We got sumo suits, a giant water slide, inflatable hampster balls for the pool and the field, if was sick! Had a camp gala that was really fun too. I wish I could have joined in the swimming for my team but my arm just wouldnt allow it :( But there's always next time!...

So hopefully I see alot of new and old faces in October's Game show week and you can cheer me on when I finally swim in the gala!

Mumble will be back with a bang!

Poodle's designs #6

Toy story... but better!!

This is the Good Life!

Hi all you Sugar Bay-ers!

Wow, what a glorious day at the bay! The sun is out in full force and everyone is loving the spring heat!
The pool is open and inviting and the beach is calling my name!

BIRTHDAY WEEK is on the go and is ROCKING! Every day is a random different theme and so each day is an exciting new adventure! Who knows what could happen tomorrow?! Yesterday was mission impossible, today is Brainiac day and tomorrow takeshi's castle! What! Can't get any better! If you're not here to celebrate with us, you're missing out! But you can still be part of the magic.... Send us a Bday message on Facebook, email or twitter! We would love to hear from you and all who made camp what it is today!
There are a few old school counselor youtube vid's up on facebook too for you to check out!

Keep it cool like a cucumber and savour the sun!
Mango out!

Saki Salute!

Hi all you cool people.
I hope none of you are missing out on the awesomeness that is Birthday Week!?!
Monico Week was rocking, but Birthday week is going to be the biggest party Sugar Bay has ever seen!
Grab your stuff and be here now!

Peace out!

All bow before the King and Queen of Monico week...

So the votes were in and counted...
... And it wasn't who we expected...
The King and Queen of monico Week at Sugar Bay are...

Thanks to all who voted.
Join us next week for an EPIC party in celebration of Sugar Bay's 10th Birthday!!

Poodle's designs #5

Woohoo! Here's another one!

King of Monaco Week

Vote for King on our Facebook page

Poodle's designs #4

I thought this one was funny :)
Check it out.


Wag Tail - Wagging her tongue

Hey guys and girls!
Hope you are all doing well.
So it's Friday and we've just said goodbye to Grantleigh. It was so totaly awesome. We had a blast! I've gotta tell you guys the truth, party night was OFF THE HOOK! You guys know what I mean! OH YEAH. I swear it's because I'm cool like that :)

So I'm off to the beach now. I hope to see some old and some new faces again soon.

Lots of love

Swoop can't get enough!

Hi Guys
Swoop again!
Just wanna say thanks to all you amazing Grantleigh kids who came to Sugar Bay. You guys rock! We all had a super-duper time with you and hope you will all come back soon.

To all the campers arriving for Monaco Week on Sunday, you are all going to be in for the time of your lives! So get ready for fun, right here in this amazing place we call Sugar Bay!

Love from

SB 4 life!

Working at Sugar Bay isn't a job at all, it's a blast!
I get to make friends from all over the world and teach them stuff and I learn from them at the same time. The only thing I don't like is the part where we have to say goodbye, but I know I will never forget all you awesome kids that change my life every day.
I can't say a single thing that I like about Sugar Bay because i love everything.
I love the swimming pool (wich is now heated), hight ropes, the beach and all the songs and games we play here.
The best part is I have as much fun as the kids that I call my friends.



Jingles loves XBox

Two things that are totaly awesome? Sugar Bay and Xbox!!! Put the two together and you'll have a totally wicked week... XBOX WEEK!
I've seen Mario, Super Sonic and nearly every other video game character.
Yesterday at camp-in the kids had to collect tokens and buy clothes like you would in a game. It was so cool :) and with that clothing, they dressed up as a game character. My team, the Known, dressed up as a soldier from call of duty.
Xbox week has been so cool that I don't want it to end! I rate next week, Monaco week, will be pretty sick too (cough cough) haha.

Come have as much fun as I am!

Over and out

Poodle's designs #3

So guys... I've decided I cant wait a full week to stick these things up, so I'm just sticking new designs up as they come out :) haha. Check it out:

Hope you like it... :) Stay cool peeps! Love: Poodie Pood   :)

Swooping in to say "Hi" :)

Hi Guys!
Just finished painting a banner for XBOXweek! Totaly awesome holiday camp happening here!
Sooo I am working the Grantleigh school group that arrives today. I cant wait to meet all you cool campers this holiday! It's going to be so amazing, as usual :)
Everyone needs to hurry up and get to Sugar Bay to meet more of us radical counselors!

Lots of love

What do counselors do on their days off?

The answer that everyone wants to know...
Everyone thinks that counselors are these supernatural beings that spend all day playing with cool kids. Our lives are sort of reversed... in our off time, we get serious!
Last weekend, the counselors got together to think about the most serious thing we could possibly do... but what could be so serious that it would keep us all entertained for hours!?!
After an hour of SERIOUS thinking, we came up with the perfect solution
It was super serious...
The boys showed some skill at the Wavehouse in Gateway while the girls sat and laughed at them every time they fell off :)
Chocolate got her ears pierced for the first time in her life too! She was scared, but Poodle, Seagul, Scooter and Zazu were there to hold her hand. All in all, a pretty epic day.

Poodle's design of the week #2

Hey Guys!

XBox week is sooo cool so far. You guys are missing out if you didn't come! Lucky for you, we've got two more AWESOME holiday camps to follow this week. Monaco week is going to be the best... I'm most excited for Monaco week cause my little sister is coming for her first ever Sugar Bay Camp! You guys should all come meet her. She's really cool :) Also there are some really cool counselors back at camp to join in the fun. I was so excited yesterday when one of my best friends, Steps, stepped off the bus yesterday. I ran and gave him a HUGE hug! I know he misses alot of you cool campers and would love you guys to visit while he's here.

So here's your second design :) Hope you like it!

Poodle's design of the week

Hey guys!

I'm going to try start putting up a fun design every week. This is my first one... I thought it was pretty funny :)

Love you guys!
Poodle  xx