Wednesday, 10 April 2013

When "Mini Wheat", "Titan" and "Poodle" inspire the world.

There is an amazing phenomena that happens at our company when counselors receive their camp names. Peter Smith and Glenda Jones become the most awesome and inspiring individuals when they adapt their alter egos.
They morph into positive role models who try harder, live bigger and achieve more than what they ever did before, dropping the persona that walked through the door with all limitations that family, friends and the society have placed on them.

Our counselors form a strong bond between each other as they now are part of an "exclusive" team. This bond is evident as they work together for many hours to achieve common goals. An alter ego also gives the counselors a sense of mystery and intrigue while protecting their privacy. It also helps to break the ice when meeting new campers for the first time as their funny names become an enthusiastic talking point. Who wont be intrigued to find out more about "Tinkerbell", "Shower" and "Jaguar".

Let me tell you a little more about them and Sugar bay...
Keep tabs on us and i will reveal ALL that happens at SUGAR BAY.....