Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Khanyisa School visiting Sugarbay!

Hi everyone!

We are all very excited to have Khanyisa here at the bay to share some winter rays with us, all the way from Limpopo.

Everyone is loving the beach and swimming in the sea, we even had some ladies dancing in the waves!

 For the those who prefer to stay dry, there are always beach sports - and the kids here are rocking it.

Even though these guys live far away from the beach, we did find some great surfers.
So I'm running off to go join in on some land adventures now!

Oh by the way, happy international hot dog day! I'm sure you know what was on the menu for lunch today.

Keep on smiling

Did your kids drive you crazy these school holidays?

The August school holidays are just around the corner, and Sugar Bay is definitely the best place to send your kids if you want them to spend their holidays productively outdoors, away from the telly & technology, and most importantly...not driving you mad with their complaints of boredom.

Our delightful music video, which was filmed during the July holiday camps, will show you why camp is guaranteed to bring smiles, friends & adventure to your child's holiday.

I am really excited about the themes I have planned for these August camps, as they offer something exciting and unique for Sugar Bay!

Here is a sneak peak of what your kids can expect when they join us these holidays.

Sugar Bay -  the sweetest place to be

The first camp's theme is Beacon Allsorts week (10-17 August), which will definitely fit well with all campers who have a sweet tooth.

Each day will be themed after a different type of Beacon sweet, from marshmallows to liquorish and even chocolate! These daily themes will also relate to the evening programs, which will have a sweet twist.

Some evening programs lined up:
  • Minute to marshmallow it
  • The chocolate sundae quiz
  • Candy land party night

Throughout the week we will also have the golden ticket competition. Remember the golden ticket from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory? The same concept, but at camp! There will be 6 golden tickets hidden in our tuck shop items for the week, and the lucky campers that find them will win a huge Sugar Bay hamper.

Another thing that we are all excited about for this week is the excursion. For those campers who chose to go, we will be going to the Beacon Sweet Factory for a South African Willy Wonka experience. And for those that give the excursion a skip, they will stay at camp and enjoy a sweet ski day!

Being a nerd is "in" this season

Over the years nerds have become more and more socially accepted, and they are even considered cool these days. I believe that this is partly due to television show like my personal favorite, The Big Bang Theory. And that is precisely the theme for the second week of camp happening during 17-24 August. This week is all about getting your nerd on!

We start the week off with our stay over excursion to the Science Centre, in which campers will get to explore what nerds really love... Science!

We will also have a camp out where campers will get the opportunity to sleep under the stars, which is an incredible sight in the quiet, little village of Zinkwazi. This will also include star gazing and some astronomy from our very own nerdy counselors.

Some other evening programs lined up:
  • Are You Smarter Than A Sugar Bay Counselor?
  • Super Hero prom night
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Happy Birthday Sugar Bay!
Let's celebrate by getting Wet and Wild!

Sugar Bay is officially a teenager, and is turning 13 this August. Unlike regular camps, this camp is going to be 10 DAYS long, starting from 24 August - 3 September, and the theme is Wet 'n Wild week!

The campers who stay over from the previous camp will spend the day at Gateway enjoying the super tubes.

This week will be filled with fun surprises for all the campers to celebrate our birthday. 

The campers who have selected to go on the excursion will be going to to Ushaka Marine World to go and get wet and wild in the water park for the day. And the campers who choose to stay at camp will enjoy the Sugar Bay Birthday Ski Day.

Other events planned for the week:
  • Colour festival
  • Water carnival
  • Seniors: Bonfire on the beach
  • Juniors: Wild waters dunk

We will also be having super late wake up's for those of you who love to sleep in; and meals will be taking place in special places other than the dining hall.

To end off the week, we will be having a huge Sugar Bay birthday party, as we celebrate with water slides and much more.

These are just a few sneak peaks as to what campers can expect during our upcoming holiday camps! We look forward to having your children join us and experiencing the magic right before their eyes!

Until next time... Remember, it's your world <3.

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Here's a sneak peak into what the camp experience at Sugar Bay is like, and if you would like to see what takes place in some of our themed holiday weeks, have a look at our gallery.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

How to bring a Camp together

Hello to all my campers. I know I have been off the radar for the past few weeks but after reading this you will understand why.

But before I give you the exciting low down, go check out our awesome music video that we filmed during the June/ July holiday camps. You may just recognise someone.

Imagine arriving at a place you have never been before, driving down the drive way your heart starts pumping and your body becomes overwhelmed with the excitement and nervousness at the same time. You have been waiting for this moment for weeks, hearing stories, looking at pictures and packing your bag. And now you are finally here! As you park, you are welcomed by a crazy dressed up character with a friendly smile. Walking through the colourful set up you think to yourself, "is this the place for me?" Then mom and dad leave and it's just you. As you sit on the stairs you look around at 100 new faces, and now it's time for your journey to start.

For many campers this is how their Sugar Bay experience starts, but what you also need to know is at the end of the week, we all sit around a camp fire and share stories with all the new friends we have made. 

But how you may ask? How do you bring a group of young people together? From strangers to best friends in seven days? When I started planning the June/July holiday's I wanted all the campers to have an amazing time, this was easy. But to get a group of strangers to come together - now, that was my challenge!

There are three things that I owe my success to – Surfing, Football and Dance! Three completely different sports but all with a very powerful impact. 

Nelson Mandela was right when he said: “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire.”

I am so happy that these themes where chosen and the memories that were created will be with everyone for many years!

So you want to know all about the amazing events of the three weeks. Well here it goes:

Mr Price Pro week
We welcomed several first time surfers to camp, and our mission was to train them to become the best junior surfers they could be.

We started the week off with my personal favourite day - beach day. Surfers spent the entire day on the beach and had lunch on the beach, like real surfers do.

Other events which helped campers become better surfers included our junior campers making their very own surfer boards; and the seniors competing in the Shore Shack cook off in which they learned the complex culinary skills of a surfer. 

My favorite event of the week definitely had to have been the beach camp out, where dedicated surfers had the opportunity to go to the beach camp in the sand, under the stars and right next to the ocean!

Rio week
Up next we had one of the biggest sporting events here at camp and around the world - The Fifa World Cup 2014 held in Brazil. So I decided to name the camp during this week, "Rio week". This week would involve taking campers through the full football and Brazilian carnival experience at camp. This experience started right from day one as football fans and carnival ladies welcomed campers.

Football came to life, and no one missed out on the world cup magic. Our senior campers even gathered together late at night to watch the semi-finals. The juniors tested their kicking skills in a penalty shoot out, and the seniors experienced an actual casino setup with our Rio casino evening.

A huge highlight for many campers during Rio week was the excursion to the Moses Madiba Stadium and campers were granted an all access pass to the stadium. This allowed them to go into the locker rooms, VIP lounge and even the pitch itself. The tour would have not been complete without a sky car ride which overlooked the beautiful city of Durban.

The main event for this week was the Rio Carnival that took place at the end of the week. Each cabin was given a specific country to represent, and everyone had to parade down the field and put on a show which resembled their country. The shows varied from war cries, to dancing and even skits, but it wasn't about who was the best; but rather about which team really showed passion for their assigned country.

So You Think You Can Dance week
Finally, we ended off the long season with a week all about dance. We have all seen the movies and TV hows and what dance means to people all over the world. So you think you can dance week had high expectations and they were definitely met!

We even filmed an awesome music video, which some of your kids may have featured in for their beautiful smiles and awesome dance moves.

Throughout the week campers got to participate is several workshops based on different dance styles. We started the week off with our dance instructor, Steps, teaching every camper a flash mob choreography. Several evening programs were also planned for both junior and senior campers that would get them excited for the world of dance. These evening programs included, dancing with the stars, Bollywood night and our disco themed party night. Campers even got to dance around the fire at camp out!

Throughout the week we brought in other instructors for the dancers that were really passionate about their moves. We had a lovely ballroom and Latin American guest dance instructor visit us, and on Saturday were lucky enough to be joined by OMG and her dance crew all the way from Durban. They were definitely a huge hit for all the campers. They taught us all how to “Wiggle!”.

We ended of the week with a talent show. Campers spent the day auditioning and perfecting their moves and when it was time for the show, we had it all. Everything from dancers, singers, actors, poets, gymnasts to even those weird and wacky talents!

The final night was magical around the camp fire when campers clapped for 67 seconds in honour of Nelson Mandela, and then managed to blow out all the candles.

Upcoming August holiday camps
For those of you who weren't here, you definitely missed out on a amazing three weeks at the Bay! But our August Holidays are just around the corner and the themes are just too amazing for words.

You can look forward to:

  • Beacon Allsorts Week (10 August - 17 August).
  • The Big Bang Theory Week (17 August - 24 August).
  • Wet and Wild – Birthday Week (24 August - 3 September)

Stay tuned for a more detailed blog on what to expect during our August holiday camps and, remember it's your world! <3


Give your children the holiday experience of a lifetime. Here are our rates & dates and when you are ready:
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Here's a sneak peak into what the camp experience at Sugar Bay is like, and if you would like to see what takes place in some of our themed holiday weeks, have a look at our gallery.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

High energy at 'So you think you can dance' week!

Hi everyone!

Do you think you can dance? Well all our campers are eager to find out just that this week.

After a day of dancing, jumping, swinging, skating and creating it was time to wind down and make some tasty home made face masks. Everyone had great fun making sure all their friends faces were completely covered.

 Some very adventurous campers hiked all the way to campout over the beach, through a forest and along sugarcane roads. The reward, well smores of course!

Looking forward to some more awesome moves this week.
Keep on smiling!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

World Cup fever at Sugarbay

Hi everyone!

So this week we are celebrating Rio and the world cup! It's soccer fever here at the bay.

The teams started practicing early for some full on soccer action.

Everyone loves playing penalty shoot-out on the beach!

My personal favorite part was everyone making their very own mini stadiums on the beach.
Great work guys!

Until next time.
Keep on smiling.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Be the best surfer ever - just have fun!

"The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun" - Duke Kahanamoku

When I started planning Mr Price Pro Week, this quote really inspired me. Duke definitely said it right.

For those of you who have been here before, you will know that the #1 rule at Sugar Bay is to have fun! Throw in some new surfers and you have what Mr Price Pro week has turned into.

This week at Sugar Bay we have been teaching our campers all about what it takes to become and professional Surfer. We started the week off with teaching the campers surfer lingo! They then went on to spend the ENTIRE day at the beach - the campers even got to eat lunch on the beach!

The junior campers got to build their very own mini surfboard in our treasure hunt, in which they had to find the supplies. Next up was the “mini surfers in training” evening program where they had to complete four challenges in order to prove they are a mini surfer. These challenges included, balancing with the Bosu Equipment, duck diving on the trampoline, learning inner peace in the yoga workshop and finally, practicing on the mechanical surfboard.

The seniors have also really had a wild surfer experience. They started with the Shore Shack cook off where they put their surfer chef hats on. Then they were treated to the good life as they enjoyed a sunset bubble bus cruise on the lagoon and a bonfire on the beach.

This week was a very special week, in honour of our surfer theme we had an all-night camp out on the beach! Campers got to play stalk the lantern on the beach, have a yummy dinner, eat smores and sing songs, and then finally sleep under the stars, in the sand and right next to the sea.

For the campers that were not ready to face beach camp out they were treated to a massage workshop at camp. Surfers need to keep their muscles happy so we showed them how to do it correctly. With the help of our masseuse, Miss Sue, they were all calm and relaxed by the end. They have all been told to go home and practice on they moms and dads. Your welcome mom's and dad's.

But the week is not over yet! We still have our Surfers Paradise Party night tonight, and the the crazy surfer Olympics tomorrow, where our campers will be put to the ultimate surfer test.

I hope this week at camp has really inspired all our campers to take their surfing to the next level. Who knows, one of them could be surfing for South Africa one day with a Sugar Bay rash vest on!

Catch up with me next week, when I tell you all about what happens at our next camp during Rio week! We will be welcoming all the campers to Rio in Brazil, and celebrating the Fifa World Cup!

Remember it's your world <3

From Paris with love


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Surf's up at Sugar Bay

Hi Everyone!

This week at sugarbay we have Mr Price pro week!

It is very exciting to see all our new aspiring surfers in action.

For the creative types there was mini surfboard making, from shells collected at the beach.

We even had our very own mini Mr Price Pro competition, with counselors Rooibos, Dashboard, Chana and Solo showing us their moves!

We are having a  great time celebrating surfing Sugarbay style!
Keep on smiling!