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This Morning's Mini Roadtrip - Back to the 90s!

Hey friends!

So this morning I CRAWLED out of bed at half past 5 in the morning and rolled myself into the bathroom to get ready to visit Ashton College in Ballito.
I've never been a morning person... most of the time, I'm scared to look in the mirror until about 10am and battle to put a full sentance together until I have had my 9am cup of coffee. Today was somehow different.

Kodak, Dodge and myself grunted good morning to eachother and pulled ourselves into the Sugar Bay car at 6:30 in the morning (Who in their right mind is awake at this time!?!). As we were leaving Zinkwazi Beach, I decided to turn on the radio to keep us awake until we could stop to get some caffine in our systems. And... BAM! Spice Girls Wannabe was playing! I remember dancing around the living room to this song when I was about 13 years old with my younger sister - Hair in "Baby Spice" pigtails and my sister sporting a "Mel C" up-do.

All of us in the car - including "Mr Manly&quo…

There will be a war.... People will fight over water.

Goood morning all :)
I hope your week has been as productive as mine has! Since there are still no camps this week, my blog is more of an awareness.. Please take 5 minutes out of your day to read this sad but true and very relevant story..
A 45-year-old mother of seven, lives in northern Kenya’s Marsabit District, where life is a daily struggle for scarce water and pasture.
Abdalla’s family lives on about 10 litres of water per day, far below the 20-50 litres per person per day recommended by the UN. She told IRIN/PlusNews about her daily struggle for water: “When it is the turn of my Manyatta [a small settlement] to take water from the nearby water vending place, I wake up in the morning at four o’clock so that I am sure by midday, I will have received my portion of water. I usually find the queue already so long, and some people you get already queuing tell you they have been there from 3am.