Friday, 10 June 2016

Another opportunity to win with Sugar Bay!

Grab your pens and colour pencils boys and girls!

Sugar Bay is not only opening the doors to allow you to experience the Sugar Bay experience, but we're also training your brain and allowing you to express your creativity. This is why we've included a special Sugar Bay activity sheet inside our brochure.

We're dropping off our beautiful brochures at your school within the next few months, so don't miss out, grab it, get busy and you could stand a chance to win exclusive Sugar Bay prizes!

We're giving every correct entry a tuck and souvenir voucher plus a Sugar Bay Holiday Discount Voucher valued between R300 and R5000.

Our competition is open to all Junior Primary learners from Grade 1-7. We have divided our competition into three categories to cater for the different age groups.

Our first category, from Grades 1-3, consists of an interesting Word Search to help get all the little minds searching.

Our second category is aimed for learners between Grades 4-5, where there's a fun, yet challenging Crossword that interacts with our brochure and expands learners knowledge about Sugar Bay.

Our final and most exciting category accommodates learners between Grade 6 and 7 and allows them to express themselves creatively by re-deigning our Sugar Bay logo.

This is your perfect opportunity to show us how you shine academically and stand a chance to win the ultimate prize… A fully paid for Sugar Bay holiday!

Scan and email your completed Activity Sheet to

Please don't forget to include all your information correctly.

Get entering now and let the adventure begin! 

Let there be no excuses for you to miss camp. Head over to our website and book online to secure your place for another cool themed camp these Winter holidays. Wondering what our holiday camps are all about? Check out this playlist featuring all the highlights. To view the finer details for each of our themed holiday camps and prices, check out our rates and dates.

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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Win a trip to Sugar Bay with Spar

Have you walked into your local Spar and seen this yet?


If you have, and you've done nothing about it... What are you waiting for?

Spar and Sugar Bay have collaborated to bring to you...

The Spar Future Warriors Conference 2016 

The SPAR Future Warriors Conference is part of SPAR’s very exciting programme empowering children to protect the environment and ensure that sustainability drives the way they operate. The conference arose from SPAR wanting to establish a strong presence in the sustainability arena and being the keepers of the future. This is why focusing on children was a natural starting point for them.

When Sugar Bay asked why they have chosen to host this competition especially for children/teenagers in the respective age group?

Sasha Sankar, Spar's Sustainability Assistant said:

“In previous years, we found that children within this age group tend to absorb more from the experience.”

Which is undoubtedly true, as here at Sugar Bay, we're big on experiential education.

We went on further to ask why the conference has chosen to focus on Renewable Energy as a subject and this is what Sasha said;

“Renewable energy is currently a popular topic in South Africa. There is not only a global move towards these cleaner energy sources, but we also need to urgently deal with the current energy crisis and its far-reaching social and economic impact on South Africa. The SPAR Future Warrior’s Conference is the perfect platform to explain the concept of sustainability to the next generation and showcase how this is important for their future.”

We also asked why SPAR chose Sugar Bay to be the host of this conference, and Sasha answered:

“We loved that this (Sugar Bay), is a fun, child-friendly environment that focuses on the needs of the children. We felt that at this venue, we would be able to educate the children while they enjoy the various activities offered at Sugar Bay.” 

The objective of the Spar Future Warriors Conference is to educate all children to be environmentally friendly and nurture a responsible future generation. The first conference took place in Durban, South Africa, in 2009. Initially, the conference was themed ‘For our Future', which evolved to be more focussed on the children themselves, and is now titled the ‘SPAR Future Warriors Conference'. The 2016 conference will include environmental, social and economic issues to give the children a more comprehensive view of sustainability.

The competition is open to all children between the ages of 10 and 15. We hope to have children from all walks of life and backgrounds, therefore inspiring children to live sustainably irrespective of their dreams and circumstances.

Here are some highlights of the Spar Future Warriors Conference:

  • Making sustainability activism fun and exciting
  • Excellent learning opportunities; whilst
  • Making new friends from different backgrounds.

Winners that answer the competition questions correctly and display a passion for their future will be selected to join us at the Future Warriors Conference in October 2016.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to learn and experience with Spar and Sugar Bay. To find out more about the Spar Future Warriors Conference, email and like their Facebook page to stay informed.

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