Friday, 14 June 2019

Why Kids Need Camp Now More Than Ever

We hear it all the time - "This generation has lost all hope". They can't communicate, veg in front of the T.V and they're quite the self-centered bunch. The question we should be asking is: how are we enabling them and how are we going to help our kids find another route in living their lives?

Stop what you're doing and take a look around, whether you're at home, the supermarket or a park, you will find one constant - a tech device.

While technology plays a part in millennials heading to zombie land, kids are missing simple essentials in their daily lives to living a full life.

Kids need an environment away from their over-caring parents, tech devices and hectic schedules; an environment that allows room for interaction, enjoying the great outdoors and self-reliance.

Traditional summer camp: outdoor, hot, sweaty, buggy, muddy; sounds about right. This is the antidote for the societal black hole children dig for themselves, day in day out. Simply put - camp is like a vitamin supplement of the vital things children are missing for healthy, organic childhoods.

Camp is also a place where kind and caring people (other than yourself, the parent) can influence the moral compass of your children; by using intergrity, self-regulation and independence. This is why kids need camp now more than ever. Camp offers kids a 7-day experience they will never forget. They'll have the space and freedom to be their authentic self and all digital and social pressures lifted off them. 

In one holiday camp, concrete memories are made and life-long skills are acquired. Time spent outside in the fresh air with genuine friends will open up a different world and teaches children to appreciate the outdoors and the joy of unplugging. 

At Sugar Bay, we want our campers to leave with a magical utopia - the confidence to be their authentic selves, a sense of adventure and always spreading kindness. 

What difference did you see in your child when they got home from camp? Tell us your story by leaving a comment below!  Alternatively, you can share your teens experience of Sugar Bay by writing a review, or posting on our Facebook page and we'll share your story.