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It's fun galore with Charlton Vos College

This week we were joined by 120 grade 5 - 7 campers from Charlton Vos College all the way from Pretoria for their fun and bonding tour. Excitement was written all over their faces and their minds were blown away by our cool counselors, exciting activities, the beach and a lot more.
                         Memories were created at the beach with friends and counselors.
         Creativity is a form of self expression 

Camp is were we overcome our fears and get to try out new things

      The teachers got to have fun too

    What's final night without party night?
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October camp: How we tackled our rugby fever

This week the campers were welcomed to England for the 2015 rugby world cup. What better way to show support for the Springboks than a week that consisted entirely of Rugby madness.

Campers enjoyed an extraordinary day of activities at the beach that included surfing and kayaking while bonding with their peers and counselors. Monday evening had the junior campers learn some rugby skills from their counselors while the seniors got to test their rugby knowledge at quiz night.

Tuesday With another beautiful day awaiting our rugby fanatics, campers were spoiled for choice with land and beach activities. That evening our campers were invited to the palace for Casino night. 

On Wednesday our campers were treated to an excursion for a viewing of the rugby match and later they enjoyed a lovely dinner at MacDonald’s.
Campers who stayed at camp didn't miss out on the rugby experience either.After their afternoon boat cruise, they watched the live rugby match at the AC lodge. The …

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