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The Power Of Selfless Acts

Throughout our lives, from childhood to adulthood, community is an essential part of everyday existence. The beauty behind selfless acts lies not only in the party receiving the act of service, but the shared experience between the giver and the receiver.

Community Service Learning is one way that Sugar Bay gives back to the local community and Bongimfundo Primary School is one of the schools that benefit from our Service Learning initiative. We are always happy to host the school at Sugar Bay and we delight in seeing bright smiles from the learners.  

Service Learning is a far-reaching and life-altering experience for students, where they undergo incredible growth in their emotional maturity and learn a great deal about themselves and as a part of a greater society.

On their visit to the Bay, the American International School of Johannesburg shared a day of their school camp with the learners, where they relished in foursquare, space jump, chalking, body art and sumo wrestling. AISJ…

Life After Camp: 3 tips for a smoother re-entry home.

There are a gazillion articles with tricks and tips on sending your child to camp; how to pack for your child like a pro, how to choose the correct camp for your child, the benefits of camp and so forth. But what about when they come home from camp? What can you expect?  All children are different and the re-entry home from camp can range from never wanting to go back  to instant talks about plans for the next trip. Here are 3 tips for a smoother re-entry back home from camp.

Listen  You may need to prepare yourself for an eventful ride home. They'll sing every camp song, tell you all about the new friends they made and mimic their favourite counselors. This is their way of processing and reliving their camp experience and they essentially want to share their adventures with you.On the other hand, you may get one-word answers and periods of silence. Don't push for more information, sometimes kids just need to settle down in order to get comfortable to tell you about their adv…

Upcoming December Camps

Are you ready for magical adventures and a swashbuckling good time? This festive season we'll be delighting in a world where imagination and animation take over Sugar Bay these upcoming holidays! Devouring in a land of mystical creatures on our DreamWorks week and Jack Sparrow visiting us on Pirates of the Caribbean week, don't get caught missing out on the magic!
DreamWorks week: 7 - 14 December 2018 
DreamWorks week promises to be magical with creativity and mythical creatures coming to life! Join us as we explore alien life and monsters under our beds. 

HighlightsMovie-making / drama classes. DreamWorks bingo.V.I.P tuckshop session. Monster treasure hunt. DreamWorks show night. Monsters vs. Aliens auction. How much does it cost for a trip into outer space? Book now for a trip to Mars. Pirates of the Caribbean week: 14 - 21 December 2018 
Sugar Bay will be turning into a dead sea as Jack Sparrow takes a trip down to the Bay. Who's ready for a week filled with mystery and a …