Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bodyboarding & it's benefits....

Bodyboarding & it's benefits....

Here at Sugar Bay we have the most awesome stretch of coastline. One of the many amazing sporting activities we offer is Bodyboarding. As you may or may not know, we have top equipment here at Sugar Bay; bodyboards, fins, rash-vests & wetsuits as well as a professional trainer that can teach you all the busting moves you can do while bodyboarding.

I just wanted to write down a few reason's why bodyboarding is so beneficial to you. Firstly, being out in the warm water, close to nature & becoming part of the ocean & all it's glories is an experience you will never forget. Bodyboarding teaches you balance, co-ordination, helps build self-confidence & self-esteem. Catching your first wave... Riding it from the back-line to the shore break will leave you craving more & more! It's a great thing learning about the ocean & bodyboarding can teach you all this. You learn to read when it's safe, when the low & high tides are, how to look for rips & strong currents...all the time growing in confidence.

One lesson we must always keep in mind.... The ocean can be unpredictable & you must learn to respect it at all times.

We at Sugar Bay can't wait to have you with us & to share this experience with you.

Hope you all have an awesome day.

Debbie Patterson
EX SA & KZN Bodyboarding Champion

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


So we got a few of our Pro-Counselors to give us a bit of information with regards to the activities that they are in charge of here at Sugar Bay. Here is what they had to say.

Life Guarding:
"So ya watsup I'm Falcon & I'm Sugar Bay's very own Head Lifeguard. I think I have one the best jobsin the world because I get to spend most of my days on the beach with all the kids here, swimming and having fun in the sun. So if you guys wanna see what I do, then come down tp the beach and I'll see you there."

S.U.P. (Stand Up Paddleboarding):
"Whats up guys, this is Finch. I'm the Stand Up Paddleboarding Instructure here at Sugar Bay. S.U.P is a very sick sport, and one the quickest growing sports in South Africa. S.U.P is all about fun and love for the ocean. In my classes you learn the basics of S.U.P, and how to shred hard in the sea. Come join the S.U.P class, be that guy or girl who can shred hard."

"Lifes a sand pit, DIG IT!!!"

Awe, peace be the journey..... See you all at Camp.

Climbers Club:
"Climbers Club at Sugar Bay is AMAZING!!! We offer High Ropes, and amazing Obstacle Course in the trees with a Foofie Slide at the end. We have 2 climbing walls, which you get to climb and challenge yourself on the walls. We also have the Jacob's Ladder, which you and a friend get to climb and use team workto get to the top. Our newest 1 is the King Swing, like a giant swing, you climb up a ladder get to a platform and jump off, super fun + gives you a big adreneline rush.Crate building is an awesome activitywhich you get to stack and climb on crates and get as high as you can."

Body Boarding:
"Watsup all you cool Groms out their! Dis Rooi-Boss coming live to you from the Bay, bringing you a whole new experience of Body-Boarding with all our sick new gear, from Boards to Finz and even cool Wetsuits. So come join the fun and complete all levels and go from Grom to PRO!!! Learn cool tricks, moves and how to rip it like a pro on a wave! Sweet check you in the water! Because life is always better at the beach!

"All  kids should learn how to ride a bike and how to have fun at the same time, thats why you should come to BMXing. You can learn how to do cool tricks and progress to different levels based on how good you are on a BMX. Learning how to ride a BMX can have a big impact on your young life. It can make having fun anywhere, anytime possible. So if you want to have fun riding around everywhere, come to BMXing!"

There will be more for you all to read about our other exciting activities real soon! So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!!!

Friday, 7 September 2012


We have just had our 11th Birthday camp this week and a few of our campers write up what they have experienced here at Sugar Bay.

Junior Camper
Simona Cutifani (13)

"Sugar Bay has effected me tremendously. It's a place that helps me get away from the cruel reality that is life. Here, I know I can just be myself and not be judged. Coming here is a chance to reinvent myself and be whoever I want to be. Bullied at school, it's a hard for me to be outgoing and loud, but here I feel I can do absolutely anything. The counselors are encouraging and joyfull and I love being around them. Sometime I wish I could be here all the time. Thanks for making me realise how great life can be".
"I love Sugar Bay!"

"Sugar Bay is the best camp I've ever been to and its my first time and its already the best."

Senior Camper
Tahlia Cutifani (15)

"Sugar Bay is a totally awesome camp which gives young people to experience different things and further their talents. It is so much fun and I have an amazing time everytime I come here. The Counselors are always vibrant, energetic and full of zest! All thye counselors are always so helpful and knowledgable during sessions. I hope I can grow up slowly so I can keep coming back!"

We can not wait for the next bunch of campers to arrive, we are going to miss you the campers that we have had here for the last three weeks.