Monday, 19 March 2018

Top 5 land activities at camp

Kids’ and Teens’ summer camp, Sugar Bay Resort, is one of the only American-styled summer camps in South Africa and offers a variety of over one hundred activities to their campers. The activities are split into two different categories; Land activities and Water activities.

Sugar Bay Resort tries to accommodate all types of campers with varying preferences. Land activities are offered at camp, usually on the premises and accommodate the campers who are not fond of being in the water, as well as those who are weaker swimmers. Most land activities are indoors, which makes them perfect to keep campers entertained on a rainy day.

Here are the Top 5 land activities offered at Sugar Bay:

1. Bungee-Trampoline

Bungee-trampoline jumping is the kids' favourite activity at Sugar Bay. Not only are trampolines fun to bounce off on, but, they are great for the physical fitness of both adults and children. Trampolines are used regularly by athletes such as skaters, dancers, divers, and gymnasts to improve balance and stamina. Some benefits of bouncing on a trampoline include; better blood circulation, increased capacity of lungs and heart, lower cholesterol levels, improved balance and coordination, reduced stress and tension, improved muscle tone, increased energy and vitality, and a boosted immune system. This all comes with the thrill of soaring into the air.

2. King Swing

The king swing is an activity that helps many campers conquer their fear of heights. It is also Sugar Bay's campers second favourite land activity at camp. Campers would have to climb up a ladder to a platform which is quite a distance from the ground and then jump off the platform. Once they jump, they begin to swing from a harness. Swinging is the type of activity that helps children develop gross motor skills and aid with locomotion, balance and coordination skills. One can also develop muscle strength and fine motor skills from this activity. Holding on to the harness of a swing strengthens grip strength and finger coordination, which is an essential milestone for children learning to write.

3. Paintball

If there is one activity that brings campers' competitiveness out at camp, its paintball. It's like a scene from an action movie at camp when campers are participating in paintball. Besides being an adrenaline filled activity, paintball also helps increase endurance, increases physical strength, helps improve interpersonal skills and boost self-confidence and, all the running and ducking is great for weight loss and overall health. Paintball is the third-most favoured land activity at Sugar Bay.

4. BMX Riding

BMX riding is another popular land activity offered at Sugar Bay that campers really enjoy. BMX riding provides a full body workout. The peddling that this activity requires uses various leg muscles and helps build calve muscles. Since cycling requires a straight, upright posture whilst riding, campers will also gain by developing good balancing skills from the activity.

5. Skateboarding

The last activity that makes the top five, is skateboarding. Skateboarding is also a thrilling sport which is great for overall fitness and lots of fun. The activity is perfect for burning calories and staying in great physical shape. Some other benefits of skateboarding include; physical endurance, flexibility, precision, pain tolerance from all the times you will fall and stress relief.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

5 Things camp counselors smell like

Camp counselors have the most important role and are undoubtedly one of the most valuable assets to any summer camp. Their crazy, caring, fun and loving personalities are what campers keep coming back to camp for. However, their overly exciting and jam-packed schedules often leaving them smelling a little funky every now and then.

Here are 5 things camp counselors smell like:

1. Sunscreen

Due to campers being out and about in the exposure of the sun all day long, sun protection is a priority at summer camps. This means that counselors are responsible for applying and ensuring that all their campers are covered in sunblock. Sunblock isn’t particularly the best smelling type of lotion. It’s also rather sticky and is spread easily from one person to the next through body contact, which is why, through all the hugging and fun games, counselors end up smelling like a bottle of sunscreen.

2. Bug Spray

You can’t expect to be in harmony with the bugs when you are invading their natural habitats in the outdoors. Going out amongst canopies of trees and in the heart of nature, means that you will indefinitely come into contact with a variety of bugs; from spiders to bees, all the way to mosquitoes and fleas. You will be face-to-face with bugs of every shape and every colour as a camp counselor. Making use of bug repellent is the best way to avoid bites and keep the bugs away. Just like how counselors have to prevent sunburn, they would have to protect their campers from bug bites, which means they are bound to smell like insect repellent.

3. Chlorine

There are three types of showers that camp counselors take, one, more than under a shower hose and on tiles is in the summer camp swimming pool. Pool swim is an essential part of any summer camp. Campers often begin their day in the pool and end their day in the pool. This means that camp counselors inherit the scent which comes from pool chlorine. It is, however, better than smelling like sunscreen or bug spray.

4. Camp Fire

The most important tradition at any summer camp is the summer camp campfire. Most camps even go to the extent of hosting a campfire daily. Where there is fire, there is smoke, and in between grilling the marshmallows to make s’mores and making contact with the ash from the firewood, camp counselors cannot help but smell like something that just came out of an oven. That too, at a very high temperature.

5. The Ocean

Summer camps that are located along the coast, often make going to the beach a focal part of their camp activities. Going to the beach, again, would mean that you will be exposed to the sun and need to be bathed in sunscreen. Over and above being marinated in sunscreen, you will be picking up all the sea sand, getting the sea spray in your hair, and inevitably, smelling like the ocean. This has to be one of the best scents camp counselors carry with them, and, one of the three showers they are most likely to take at camp, apart from swimming in the pool and taking a shower in a bathroom.

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DIY Papier Mache’ Vase

Creating papier mache’ vases is something we plan at Sugar Bay for rainy day Arts and Crafts classes. Our campers love this craft because it is so simple to create, and the only difficulty you will be faced with, is waiting for the paper strips to dry before adding another layer and decorating.

How to create a Papier Mache’ Vase:

You will need:

  • 1 Balloon
  • White-drying glue poured into a bowl
  • 1 Toilet paper tube
  • Newspaper
  • White tissue paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Acrylic paint in a variety of colours
  • Embellishments (Beads, sequins, ribbon, etc.)


  1. Blow up the balloon. Blow up your balloon and securely knot it at the end. Be careful not to over inflate the balloon.
  2. Tear the newspaper and tissue into strips and squares. Instead of cutting up the newspaper and tissue paper, it is better to tear it so that it may easily cover the curves of the balloon and will stick easily.
  3. Stick on the newspaper and tissue paper pieces. Using the white-drying glue, stick the torn-up pieces of newspaper and tissue paper onto the balloon, allowing them to dry layer by layer.
  4. Stick the toilet paper tube around the knot of the balloon.Once you have made a few layers, stick the toilet paper tube around the knot of the balloon and allow to dry. Use this as a stencil to form the top-end of the vase.
  5. Pop the balloon & decorate your vase. Once the papier mache’ is completely dry, pop the balloon, use the toilet paper tube as a stencil and cut out the top-end of the vase. Now you may decorate your vase using acrylic paint and your choice of embellishments.
And there you have it, a papier mache’ vase made in 5, easy steps!

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Upcoming April Holiday Camps

The Easter bunny is getting the eggs out his basket and Sugar Bay is also rewarding you with a R2900 discount off all our upcoming April holiday camps. Are you ready to start you’re your school vacation in splendour and have an epic end to the summer? We certainly are!

Dungeons and dragons week – 1-8 April

Come in your armor as we prepare to participate in the ultimate medieval battle for Dungeons and Dragons week at Sugar Bay. We’re going to have fire-breathing fun all week long. You’d better get your game on, you wouldn’t want to end up in the dungeon.


  • Journey to the dragons cave (themed camp out)
  • Character building classes (campers will get to design their own characters using different art materials)
  • Each day is themed and has its own events (example; Day of treasure - We will host a treasure hunt around the whole of camp)
  • Campers will complete challenges in order to earn keys throughout the week which they will use at the end of the week in order to escape the dungeons during the all camp game
  • School of magic, inspired by the magical creatures – dragons. Campers will watch a magic show and learn how to perform magic tricks
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Anything is possible week – 16-22 April

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m-possible! We truly believe this at Sugar Bay, which is why we’re hosting “Anything is possible” week at camp. This week, we want to show our campers that there are no restrictions to what they can achieve. It’s all about believing in yourself. 


  • Galactic Space Council - a random camper will be chosen every day and given the power to do anything they want to do, as well as join the council
  • Themed days (example: Paper plane day will include learning how to create a paper plane and participating in a paper plane fly off)
  • Kids get to choose their own creative arts activities
  • Giba Gorge Mountain-Biking Excursion
  • Carnival night in the swimming pool
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Science week – 22-29 April

We’re calling all professors to put on their lab coats in order for us to begin our experiments in the Sugar Bay laboratory for Science week. This week, we’re turning our campers into mini scientists, as we experiment and learn whilst having the most fun. 


  • Camp will turn into a science lab
  • Learn different experiments every day
  • Lazer Tag Excursion
  • Kid Scientist of the day Awards
  • Counselors turn into mad scientists throughout the week
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Aqualand week – 29 April-6 May

Join us as we celebrate this coming together of water and land during Aqualand week at Sugar Bay. This week will be all about the elements; specifically, earth and water. Our activities and programming this week will be scheduled equally in water and on land. 


  • Ushaka Marine World Aquarium & Themed Water Park Excursion
  • Counselors will be competing with each other in a Land versus Sea battle
  • Special beach activities (example: Beach meditation)
  • Kids get to choose which team to join (Team Land/Team Sea)
  • Beach Bonfire
The cost to experience Aqualand?

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