Monday, 24 August 2015

Survival of the fittest at Sugar Bay's Capitol

The survival skills definitely continued well into the second week of holiday camp as campers arrived at the Capitol eager for an adventure filled week. Below are the highlights of the fun we had on our shores during the Hunger Games  week.


Campers kicked off the week with a trip down to the beach where an adventure awaited, graced with sunny skies, kayaking, surfing and beach art just to name a few. Later that evening after receiving a map and clues, our juniors headed off to District 1 to find some precious gems which they presented to the bidding war (aka our counselors). Intermediates headed to District 9 where they enjoyed an educational evening learning and having fun with grain. Our seniors strut their stuff in an amazing fashion show, let's just say all fashion skills were sharpened to impress the judges.


The fun continued as campers enjoyed a beautiful day of land and beach activities. Campers got to climb walls, zip line and showed off some dance moves in the dance class. Later that evening the juniors headed for camp-out where they had some fun with ropes. The adventure still continued for our awesome campers that chose camp-in as they spent an eventful afternoon with a trip to the citrus farm and later got to paint and Tye-dye some t-shirts.An awesome day was rounded off with a test of team work at quiz night and some bonding moments around a bon-fire at the beach.


Wednesday evening activities bought a lot of fun at camp, Juniors headed to District 2 where they split up into districts to compete for the ULTIMATE DODGE BALL DISTRICT. Intermediates made the way to the District of Agriculture where they played the popular game of Tag - Hunger Games style.Seniors had a choice of extensive hunger games training and some indoor hunger games training. Campers who headed off to camp-out gained a range of skills namely in; fishing, starting a fire or making dream catchers. The campers who opted to stay in worked together to make delicious sushi plates and ended the night off with a movie at the theatre.

This day was all about "pimp my ride" Sugar Bay style. Juniors got to pimp out their rides by decorating their trolleys with some really cool stuff. Intermediates headed out for a night of adventure to camp-out where they had fun with ropes and a choice of different activities such as searching for diamonds in the sugar cane (Which we hope they found). The less adventurous campers enjoyed a pamper night in making masks using natural ingredients as well as enjoyed some manicures and pedicures, and since not all boys are into this, they showed off their their amazing soccer skills with a game of indoor soccer. Seniors headed to District 12 which is famous for livestock where they enjoyed an educational evening learning about livestock.


As the week drew to an end, campers were treated to a 3 course meal fit for a king for dinner and afterwards we danced the night away in the beautiful Capitol party room. After the party, campers were treated to an amazing fire show by some of our campers and awesome counselors.

On Saturday we hosted the 75th annual hunger games, chosen campers participated in 12 districts each testing their strengths in different areas while their teams cheered them on in the stands. This definitely proved that great team spirits and sportsmanship go along way in motivating others. The games continued throughout the afternoon where District 12 was crowned as the winner of Sugar Bay Hunger games. This week proved that the odds were definitely in our favour!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Bungee Experience Launches Camp To New Heights

Bounce, Jump, Flip and Flip again! I'm pretty sure you're wondering what I'm talking about right? Well, get ready to say hello to SPACE JUMP; the latest addition to our family of super cool activities.

Birthday week is coming up and what's a celebration without the ultimate birthday gift? After 14 years of existence we thought we should take to new heights and spoil ourselves and campers with a massive bungee trampoline. Over and above the zillion free-choice activities, we have added a little something extra. So while you contemplate on the king swing, high ropes or rock climbing; we thought we should give you a push in the right direction when it comes to choosing the bungee trampoline.

What is Space Jump? 
Bungee trampolines are attached on several ropes, hooked on bungee cords and poles which enable the jumper to put pressure on these cords so they can easily jump up and down. Space Jump helps you defy gravity by enabling you to jump as high as 8m into the air, and the best part is that anyone and everyone can use it.

Safety Precautions
Safely secured in the adjustable purpose built harness, our well-trained and  super fly (Get it?) counselors Javelin and Reverb enable users to experiment with some adventurous flips, twists and turns.

Some other cool facts

  • Helps overcome fear of heights
  • Improves balance co-ordination
  • A Fun form of exercise
  • And of course totally OUT OF THIS WORLD FUN
  • People with disabilities(confirm with doctor) can share in the awesome experience too!

So hop over to Sugar Bay for our Wipe Out and Birthday celebration week to experience this super awesome adrenaline pumping adventure. Space Jump is looking forward to meeting you.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Roaring Moments on Sugar Bay's Jurassic Jungle

What would you do if you, an awesome group of friends and counselors were to get lost in a real Jurassic jungle exploring the lives of massive dinosaurs and possibly being the ones to save the earth again by finding the most dangerous Tyrannosaurus Rex? This week's campers were prepared to make finding this massive carnivore a rooooaaaaring experience! These are just a few highlights of our lives in Jurassic World...


Nothing like a full day on the beach to bond with your mates and prepare for a hectic week of adventurous fun. Our day on the beach and lovely picnic definitely had us amped for the week ahead, preparing us for a fun search. We took part in cool beach activities and a bit of yoga to keep us calm and collected after a crazy dinosaur building moment. Our fantastic day was rounded off with exciting games with our awesome counselors.


After a long day of climbing walls, zip-lining through the jungle, facing our fear of heights in high ropes, almost touching the sky (thanks to the King Swing) and doing a whole lot of awesome stuff, it was time for some wet and slimy fun.With eyes blind folded, the only thing we could rely on was team work and our hands to search through a slimy concoction to find a few tiny missing dinosaurs (yes some dinosaurs are cute and deserve to be saved). While finding the missing dinosaurs in record time was really exciting, the best part was bonding and working together as a team.


Little back packs packed and faces lit up with smiles, our trip to the Natal Lion Park was definitely the highlight of our week. Who would not be delighted to take a scenic trip to the Lion Park with their favorite people.  We had the chance to see the beauty of nature which properly emphasized the importance of preserving wildlife. We rounded off our day with a trip to Gateway where we watched Jurassic World while we bonded with our counselors and campers. After a long day of adventures and fun, an early bed night was definitely in order.

Determined to find this carnivorous saur that had been said to cause so much havoc on our Bay we gathered with some awesome paintball warriors and our brilliant instructor Raven was there to lead the way. We were so certain we would find him but it turns out we had our work cut out for us. The search continued into the evening, where we had an evening of fear factor to test our deepest fears (apart from this T-Rex of course). This session taught us that sometimes you have to go through some sour awful tasting moments to get to the sweetest parts. Besides who wouldn't want to snorkel in liters of coke to find the missing dinosaurs and be considered a champion by their cabin for being a step closer to saving and restoring the sweetest memories at Sugar Bay?

After we received an anonymous tip on the possible where about of the T-Rex, we saddled up and took a ride around Zinkwazi. Even though we weren't lucky enough this time, our awesome escapade was definitely worth it. Then of course it would not be a Friday without a bit off music, dance and TONS of fun. We rounded off a week of hard work by heading over to our Safari themed party room where we busted a few moves and enjoyed our favorite tracks. We wrapped up an awesome week with a spectacular fire show from our super cool counselor Lucky.

6 Days into camp and the fun still continues, although we are saddened that it's almost coming to an end we are definitely making the most of our last days. Now we know the big question on everyone's mind is whether or not we found the T-Rex? Well let's just say we spotted him somewhere around camp but realized that if it wasn't for his sudden 'disappearance' we would not have had such a ball at camp. We also learned that our big old pal Rex does not cause any harm if there are people on site, our presence alone was enough to save the Bay. This is probably a good thing because we have the perfect excuse to persuade mom and dad to let us come back for some sweet sweet memories (and of course to save our favorite place)!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

August Adventures: Survival of the Fittest

Jurassic World Week (9-16 August)

A new theme park has hatched on our shores this holiday, and there's a mad scientist genetically engineering dinosaurs. The plot thickens when one of these carnivores disappears and causes absolute havoc on camp. Camp life will not be the same, and it's up to a military of Dino-smart campers to find and defeat this massive 'saur'. Camp will be transformed into a Jurassic wilderness of dinosaur adventures. Besides learning about dinosaurs, campers can also enjoy:

  • An excursion to the Lion Park.
  • A free stay-over excursion to the Crocodile Farm.
How much to defeat T-rex?
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Hunger Games Week (16-23 August)

The adventure continues in a week that is all about survival of the fittest at camp. Campers will display their survival skills as they experience a range of outdoor games inspired by the popular movie, Hunger GamesWe look forward to seeing who will be District Sugar Bay's very own winning Tribute. A variety of activities will be held throughout the week including but not limited to:

  • Archery, fishing and kayaking all with a Hunger Games twist.
  • An evening camping out in the wilderness
  • A free stay-over excursion to Super Tube rides.

Birthday Camp: Wipe out Week (23-30 August)

Hip, Hip, Hooray! It's our 14th birthday! This week's theme is based on the game show commonly known as the world's "largest obstacle course". Camp will be transformed into a Wipe Out obstacle course jungle on both land and water. We have also spoiled ourselves with a birthday gift that will take the celebrations to a whole new level...literally! Eight meters to be exact! Some exciting birthday celebrations to look forward to include:

  • The debut of our birthday present, a Four Station Bungee Trampoline, which has been rated since 2010 as the most popular fun fair ride on the international circuit. Children can bounce up to 8 meters high while safely strapped into a harness. Besides being a thrilling experience, bungee bouncing can help children improve confidence and overcome fear of heights, and improves motor skills overall. At Sugar Bay, this is all the airtime you need!
  • An excursion to uShaka Marine World.
  • Birthday Cake, of course.

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Hot Holiday Highlights

The only thing cold about these past winter holidays was the ice-cream, but even the ice-cream was served with warm waffles. July camps saw some hot beats, warm waffles and some fiery french flavors.

Pitch Perfect Beats
Camp kicked off on a high note as we had our very own rendition of the famous musical movie, Pitch Perfect. With a variety of activities; we ensured that there was something for everyone. For the young chef, there was the cooking club; for the rhythmic and upbeat soul we had camp DJs; the surf pros and beach bums could join the life guard/beach club; and finally we had our very own Barden Bellas and Treble Makers bringing acapella life to camp. 

The excursion to the Barn Yard Theatre was definitely a camp highlight, where campers enjoyed the 100 Hits musical sensation. Another highlight was the "Riff Off", where seniors were split in groups of four and had the chance to share their favorite block busting musical tracks with other groups. It was wonderful to see a number of shy campers step out of their shells and join in with the singing crowd. Camp fire night rounded off the week of musical madness, as campers armed with s'mores gathered around a bon-fire to reflect on and share their most memorable camp experiences. After which it was clear that camp had not just been a fun time, but a life changing experience for many.

Mouth-Watering Moments

After seven days of musical madness, we thought it would be fitting to tone down all that musical energy with some warm waffles and ice-cream. Camp was immediately transformed to Belgian Waffle Town as campers were welcomed by the aroma of soft, fluffy waffles and ice-cream. Watching these mouth watering delicacies made right before their eyes, not only increased their levels of excitement but also won these campers' taste buds over.

With taste-buds in tune, the highlights of the week included the excursion to the Wave House in Umhlanga, and the waffle classes that ran throughout the week. Waffles had no limits at these classes. Campers could choose from a variety of toppings and choose to be crazy or creative. The Belgian flavor was brought to life as we had our very own Zinneke parade (or waffle parade). For this parade, each cabin had to make a waffle float and present this masterpiece to their fellow campers with an inspiring war cry. Some campers performed fun skits and dance routines as they showed off their creations; proving that team work really does go a long way. It was the perfect ending to our waffle wonderland week.

French Flair

From Belgium we peddled our way into French country for Tour de France week. Sugar Bay was filled with campers, croissants and cycling adventures. If that wasn't enough, we were lucky to have quite a few French campers and a counselor to add to the French flavor of the week. On opening night every cabin was given an information sheet with English phrases and the French translations. Campers were speaking French in no time. 

The excursion was definitely a highlight. We went the Bike and Bean in Durban for the ultimate cycling adventure. For those less "bicycle-inclined", the French theme continued on-site, as campers who stayed behind were treated to a cruise down the lagoon. Their destination was our camp-out site, where they indulged in a mouth-watering pizza lunch. Party night was also very special this week as the DJ was a camper, Nicholas Singleton, who brought along all his equipment and showed the rest of us how to drop a beat.

If you were with us this July, but you want to s'more action, or if you have a serious case of FOMO for our next series of adventures, then be sure to book your spot in our August camps. See our rates and dates here.