Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Sports at Summer Camp

Summer camp isn’t just a holiday destination for kids where they sit around campfires and make s’mores. Sugar Bay Resort, a holiday camp specifically designed for kids and teens believes that sport is a vital part of camp and should be implemented in every camping program. 
Their interest in sport is evident as they recently renovated a storage area into a beautiful indoor sports hall. The sports hall at the camp is twenty-five by fifteen meters in length and can accommodate two-hundred campers. It was also fitted with marked, sprung flooring which plays an essential role in protecting the growing bodies of young children from lifelong injuries caused by the energy generated over time by participation in sports. These injuries include shin splints, fractures, an array of knee problems, tendonitis, and ankle sprains. 
It is estimated that there are more than thirty million obese children in developing countries, and, since Sugar Bay is located in South Africa, which is a developing country, they are doing all they can to promote sports at camp. With the sports hall built and in use, they are promoting more sports tours for school camps. Some of the sports offered in the sports hall at Sugar Bay include; indoor soccer, indoor basketball, indoor volleyball and indoor climbing wall. 
One of the most costly sports venues created at camp, according to the Camp Director, Zoe Ellender, is the sports field. “Costly earth-moving equipment was hired to ensure perfection in this area during the construction stage of camp,” she shared. The sports field has become an integral part of every camp with a variety of sports being played there, such as; cricket, golf, hockey, rugby, and soccer.

On land at camp there are a variety of hiking trails, biking trails, skating ramps and designated areas for certain sports which include; BMX biking, basketball, netball, skateboarding and table tennis. 
Sugar Bay Resort has private access to the beach and lagoon in the area of its location, Zinkwazi beach. At this location, they offer a variety of water sports such as; kayaking, stand-up-paddle-boarding, surfing and water polo. There is also a variety of field sports which they host at the beach, such as beach football, beach volleyball and much more. 
There is no better exercise that works all your muscles better than swimming. This is a sport the camp is best known for. Sugar Bay has one of the largest pools in the village, boasting a twenty-five by twenty-five-meter length. Upon campers’ arrival, they are taken for a swim test which is compulsory in order to determine their swimming strengths and hence, the bodies of water they are capable of swimming in. 
With all these sporting options and facilities, fitness at Sugar Bay is definitely given top priority. Send your kids to Sugar Bay and watch them staying fit whilst still having the time of their lives. 

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Monday, 30 October 2017

How camp helps children let go of their problems

The summer camp environment is very different from a schooling environment. Children usually attend summer camp during their school breaks, as a relaxing and fun retreat. 

Here are 3 elements that play a major role in how children let go of their problems at summer camp:
1. Atmosphere
At summer camp, the environment is very casual; there is no pressure to wear uniforms or to be strictly guided by a set of rules, as it is in the schooling environment. This allows children to be themselves without any restrictions, hence, they do not feel pressurized to live up to any standards. This atmosphere allows them to let go of their usual tension and enjoy the liberty which they do not have at school. Most summer camps are located in natural serene settings, near lakes and lagoons which are very relaxing and calming to the body, mind, and soul. This atmosphere is certainly a break away from the hustle and bustle of the polluted urban jungles and is great to set anyone free of their problems.

2. Communication
As much as the setting is casual at summer camps, the staff are professionally trained. Camp counselors, who are responsible for caring and the supervision of children, are trained in child psychology, which is a vital part of their training. Their passion for kids, patience, free spirits and incredible understanding, makes it easier for children to reach out to them. Children find it easier to approach camp counselors rather than their parents concerning distressing issues, because they feel that young adults, which are usually the age group that counselors fall under, can easily relate to their problems. Camp counselors are also experts at creating individual bonds with children, which allows them to trust them with even the most intimate issues. Being able to communicate with someone who cares about you and whom you can trust makes letting go of your problems much easier.

3. Participation
The best way to forget about what’s worrying you, is by engaging in an interesting and fun activity. Summer camps have plenty of these integrated in their daily program in the form of games and challenges which demand children’s undivided attention and complete participation. Most of these games require children to team up, which allows them to mingle with one another and make new friends. This form of participation, be it in games, sport or general activities and challenges, is a great psychological strategy to take the mind off issues that bother you and help you focus on something else. This helps to de-stress troubled minds and help them focus on the positives. 
The atmosphere, communication, and participation play a crucial role in assisting children to let go of their problems. The best retreat for a child with a troubled mind is definitely a summer camp.

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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

DIY Sun Catchers Camp Style

Here at Sugar Bay, we love soaking up the sun and live for sunshine-filled days when we can head down to the beach and catch some waves or cool down by splashing through our waterslides. 
Most of all, we love the sunshine because they light up our beautiful sun catchers! 
One of our favourite crafts to make during Arts & Crafts classes are sun catchers, which is why we decided to show you how we do it, camp style. 

DIY Sun Catchers
You will need:
  • Transparent plastic sheet
  • Black Liquid Lead
  • Paint (All colours)
  • Paint Brushes

1. Pick an image you want to duplicate 
Depending on the theme at camp, we have a variety of simple pictures printed out which campers get to choose from and decide which one they would like to turn into a sun catcher. You can search the internet for pictures or make copies from colouring books. These images need to be easy to trace. 
2. Trace the image 
Carefully place the transparent plastic sheet on top of the picture you want to duplicate. Use your black liquid lead to trace the image onto the transparent plastic sheet. Make sure that you do a thin outline of the image to avoid smudging and for it to dry quickly. Leave the sheet to dry for 15 minutes. 
3. Add colour to your sun catcher 
Get your paint brushes and paint out and add colour to your sun catcher. Always paint a thin layer of less concentrated paint so that the sun can actually pass through the sun catcher.
And there you have it, beautiful sun catchers in three, simple steps. 
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Monday, 23 October 2017

Review: October Holiday Camps 2017

We kicked off the spring break in the first week of October by hosting one holiday camp with a fresh and exciting theme. 
Upside Down week: 1-8 October
This week, our theme was “Upside Down” and the main focus of the theme was getting campers to see the world from another perspective, which was highlighted by an activity, implemented daily called “Thunk of the day”. We hosted a total of 57 campers this week and had the most fun turning everything upside down. The campers participated in and enjoyed many activities integrated around the theme, such as; Upside Down activities, Upside Down meals, Upside Down programs and Upside Down set-up. They were also taken on a themed excursion to 22 Jump Street, indoor trampoline arena in Ballito, where they had fun flipping upside down and bouncing around on the trampolines. The highlight of this week was certainly having lunch for breakfast and breakfast for lunch towards the middle of camp. Turning the menu upside down really brought the theme alive and created a trend that our campers found very thrilling and were very fond of.  
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