Thursday, 25 September 2014

Northside visits all the way from Botswana!

This week we had the lovely Northside school come to Sugar Bay all the way from Botswana.We started the week off having a great time at the beach and throughout the week we had an awsome Shark talk and dissected slimy lil fish. Today they have gone off to ushaka wet & wild. This week has been such an adventure!

Having so much fun splishing and splashing in the ocean. Zinkwazi really does have a beautiful ocean. 

 Casino night at camp: We played all kinds of games and tried to win as many magic beans as possible. It was an epic night!

Life is like a camera. Focus on what's important and you'll capture it perfectly.
Peace Float

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Spend a splendid summer at Sugar Bay!

It's almost time to get out your best board shorts and bikinis, because yes, summer is almost here, which also means the best Sugar Bay adventures await your children! So go out and buy those new flip flops and, of course, lots of sun block, but most importantly make sure you book your children's summer adventure before it's too late!

Here is a sneak peak of what you can expect during our upcoming December/ January holiday season:

The 7 Wonders of the World Week
(6-13 December)

Campers will become globe trotters as they venture off to see the seven wonders of the world, right here at Sugar Bay! Every day, the activities and evening program will be themed around a different country, in which one of the seven wonders is found.

Special events to look forward to:
  • Camp Out – heading into the sugar cane where they will sleep under the stars!
  • Beach Bon Fire – Seniors will have a Bon Fire on the beach and get to release Chinese lanterns.
  • Brazilian Carnival Night
  • Ancient Encryption Party Night
  • Sugar Bay Colour Fest

Toy Story Week
(13 - 23 December)

19 years ago a movie came out that no one will ever forget. A movie about making friends with people that you never thought you would, and of course, adventure. This movie made the following saying famous, “ You've got a friend in me!”

This week at camp will capture one of the the best Walt Disney and Pixar movies of our time. Sugar Bay is going to be all about friendship and lots of toys. Toys are going to come alive when no one is watching and kids will be kids again! 


Special events to look forward to:
  • 10 Day Camp – We had to go big if we were going to do Toy Story.
  • Free Stay Over Excursion – For campers that were here for seven wonders of the world week, they will be going on a free excursion to Gateway. They will ride the super tubes for the day and get free lunch and ice-cream!
  • Cow Boys, Space Men, Dinosaurs and much more!
  • Excursion to Gateway – Pizza Party and Arcade Games!
  • Ski Day – The Sugar Bay Snake!

Dr Who – New Years Camp (27 December - 6 January)

Imagine a week where every day, the campers could wake up on a different planet, with different traditions and cultures and no limit to imagination. Or maybe they would come downstairs to find out they've travelled back in time to ancient Rome, Victorian London or the age of the dinosaurs! Or maybe they will arrive for breakfast to find they are in the year 3000.

Dr Who is a time lord from a planet called Galifrey, who time travels visiting different worlds, saving planets and defeating his enemies. In other words he helps people.

This week will be all about time travel and working together to have fun and save the day! What better week to do this than our famous New Years Camp?

Special events to look forward to:
  • 10 Day New Years Camp – YES! 10 Days.
  • Time Travelling - Travelling to new worlds everyday.
  • Excursion to the Ice Rink for a day of skating, delicious lunch and ice-cream.
  • New Years Party – Party Night and Fire Works.

Fizzy Week (6-11 January)

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word Fizzy? The feeling of sherbet popping in your mouth when it sizzles out your fizz pop? The feeling when you pick up an ice cold can of coke, take your first sip and the bubbles run down your throat? Or what you hair looks like after you haven't brushed it for a few days?

Sugar Bay is going to get Fizzy, from fizzer's, to fizz pops and even fizzy drinks! Campers are going to love the colour, craziness and the many bubbles floating about!

Special events to look forward to:
  • Fizzy tasting, lots of sweet and hidden treasures.
  • 5 Day Camp – Short and Sweet with a Fizzy Bang!
  • Free stay over Excursion - For campers that were here for Dr Who Week, you will be going on a free excursion to Gateway. Here we will ride the super tubes for the day and get free lunch and ice-cream.
  • Surprises for all!

This is just a taste of all the wonderful things we have planned for the holiday season. We look forward to having your children join us and experiencing the magic right before their eyes.

Give your children the holiday experience of a lifetime. Here are our rates & dates and when you are ready:
Call (032) 485 3778 ,
Email: , 
Or simply book online

Here's a sneak peak into what the camp experience at Sugar Bay is like, and if you would like to see what takes place in some of our themed holiday weeks, have a look at our gallery.

Forget wi-fi & be a warrior these October holidays

Sick of selfies, status updates and talking to your children while they stare down at their screens mid-conversation? Then get them to put away their gadgets, and rather join us for our adventurous summer camps for kids only!

This October we will come together for a magical, off-the-grid week with children unplugging and having fun together in the sand, sea & under the stars. No phones, no texting and no digital tech! We're turning camp into a children's Zulu playground for our Shaka Zulu themed camp.

Tell the kids to leave their phones at home, or check it in at the door, for a week of analog goodness in the company of children from all over the world! And if your kids aren't on holiday in October, then be sure to book for our popular summer camps these December/ January holidays.

Okay, so here's the low down on the October holiday camp...

Shaka Zulu Week (5 - 12 October)
We all love our heritage, as South African we are very blessed to have all the diverse cultural backgrounds that we do! These October holidays, Sugar Bay is going to bring your children a week where they'll look back on a very influential king from right here in Africa – Shaka Zulu.

What to expect:
Shaka Zulu Week will bring the Zulu Culture alive, and kids will discover how much fun it would be to have been a Zulu Warrior! Camp will be transformed into Sugar Shaka Land. Of course, every kingdom needs a king, so the male counselors will battle it out for the title of King Shaka of Sugar Bay. During every lunch and dinner, two males counselors will face off in a challenge to show the campers who deserves to take home the title.

This week each cabin will be given a Zulu warrior tribe name. Throughout the week, each tribe will be working together on a show that they will present to Sugar Bay's King Shaka at the end of camp. The show may include singing, dancing, stick fighting or presenting the king with something impressive they have made! Additionally, each tribe will dress up in their best Zulu inspired attire to impress the king during their performances.

Anyone can learn how to be a great Zulu warrior, since we will be offering classes everyday for those campers who would like to get in touch with their inner warrior.

Some classes include:
  • stick fighting
  • bread making
  • drumming
  • making your own shield
  • Learn some fun Zulu phrases

Optional overnight excursion:
This camp also offers an optional overnight excursion Shaka Land. Here, the campers will get the chance to explore a real cultural village, learn all about the Zulu lifestyle which includes beading, stick fighting and beer making. They will have a lovely dinner and sleep over at Shaka Land. Campers will also enjoy a full breakfast before making their way back to camp.

If you'd rather give the Shaka Land excursion a skip:

The campers who choose to stay at camp will also enjoy a night camping out under the stars! They will venture out into the sugar cane fields to find Shaka's favourite camp out spot! Here they share dinner around the fire followed by stories, songs and smores of course!

The city slickers need not worry, we have planned the perfect escape for them too! Camp will be transformed into their very own 'Mangwanani Spa' for the night. There will be face masks, baking and even neck massages, and this will all be followed by movies in the theatre.

This is just the beginning! We have so much more exciting things planned for this week. Be sure to book now, so your kids can be part of our very own Zulu adventure! 

Here are our rates & dates and when you are ready:
Call (032) 485 3778 ,
Email: , 
Or simply book online

Here's a sneak peak into what the camp experience at Sugar Bay is like, and if you would like to see what takes place in some of our themed holiday weeks, have a look at our gallery.