Wednesday, 13 December 2017

How to make loom band bracelets in 5 simple steps

These beautiful elastic bracelets are always catching our eyes, however, on close inspection, may seem rather difficult to make. 
Surprisingly, they are really simple to create and a pretty cool version of the usual string friendship bracelets we make at camp.

Create a loom band bracelet in 5 simple steps:
You will need:

  • C-Clip (Which usually comes with a loom band kit)
  • 20 – 30 bands in your choice of colour(s)
Step 1:

Pick your colour sequence. We noted that most of our campers love creating rainbow-themed loom bands. 
Step 2:

Twist one band into a figure "8" and fold it over so it forms a circle. Slide this circle inside the C-clip. This is the beginning of your bracelet. We'll call this band #1. 
Step 3: 
Pinch one band between your fingers. Slide this band (#2) halfway through the circle you made in Step 2. Pull the ends up and hold them together. 
Step 4: 
Pinch another band and slide it through the loops formed by band #2. Make sure you keep holding the ends of band #2 together while you do this or the chain will undo itself and all your effort will be gone to waste. Now band #2 is securely part of the chain, and band #3 looks just like band #2 in the previous step. Repeat the pinch and slide until bracelet is long enough. 
Step 5:

Slip one loop of the final band through the other loop and pull tightly. Slide the last band's remaining loop into the C-clip from Step 2.

Important Tip:
Make sure your loom band bracelet is not tight and fits you loose. Wearing a bracelet that's too tight might disturb blood circulation and cause swelling.

And that’s how you create beautiful loom band bracelets quickly and conveniently! 

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Friday, 8 December 2017

How to play the Sugar Bay Shoe Game

Ever experienced those moments when you had to patiently wait for something without being bored? We all have those moments, especially at camp. Some things can go a little off-schedule like the time lunch is served or how long we may have to wait before the excursion bus arrives. This is why, the Sugar Bay Shoe Game is the perfect game to get campers energized and pass time with lots of fun.

You can play this game by following these 5 simple steps:

Step 1:

Line up 4 chairs to form a plus sign with a two meter space between each pair.

Step 2:

Place a water bottle in the middle of the plus sign.

Step 3:

Place a shoe on each of the chairs.

Step 4:

Divide the campers into 4 equal groups. Each group would have to represent 1 chair. Give each camper a number according to the number of participants in each group.

Step 5:

Call up each number individually. These participants representing the numbers would have to hop onto their chair and use the shoe to try and knock over the bottle in the centre. Whichever team member knocks over the bottle first will gain a point for their team. The team with the most points will win.

Playing the shoe game will have you all entertained and in stitches!

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Thursday, 7 December 2017

How to create Sugar Bay Sherbet Straws

Life at Sugar Bay is just as the name describes it, sweet and sunshine filled all by the sea. We love creating camp crafts and tasty treats as part of our Arts & Crafts program run almost daily at camp. 
One of our favourite DIY camp tasty treats has to be Sherbet Straws. They’re so simple to create and will give you a quick pop of sweetness whenever you’re feeling a little down. 
Here’s how to create:

Sugar Bay Sherbet Straws

You will need:


Candle, Matches or Lighter
Plastic straws
Sheet of paper
Small round empty jar
Citric acid (for sour sherbet)
Icing sugar (for sweet sherbet)
Super C candy


Step 1: Seal one end of your straw
Light up your candle using matches under adult supervision. Place a sheet of paper on a hard surface to avoid making a mess and make cleaning up easy. Heat up the tablespoon by placing it over the candle. Use the heated spoon to seal one end of the straw so that no sherbet may fall out.

Step 2: Create your Sherbet
Take 2 Super C candies and crush them by using the sides of your round-shaped, empty jar. You will need to roll the jar back and forth over the Super C candies until they are finely crushed. Decide whether you would prefer a sweet or sour sherbet flavour. Add half a tablespoon of either citric acid, for a sour flavour, or icing sugar, for a sweet flavour to your crushed Super C candies. Mix them all together well. 
Step 3: Fill up your straw with sherbet
Start filling up your straw with the sherbet using the tablespoon until there is a 5mm space at the end of the straw. 
Step 4: Seal the end of your sherbet straw
Now that your sherbet straw is full, you need to seal it up again. Heat up the tablespoon once again by placing it over the candle and use it to melt the straw and seal it. 
Special Tip: Tie a bow on it with a ribbon for a special finishing touch. 
And there you have it, sweet and sour sherbet straws in 4 simple steps!
These camp crafts would be the perfect gift to give any of your fellow campers who love sweet treats. 

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