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Happy New Year!

We have finally arrived in 2015! And apparently we are lucky to be alive... Prophet Efrain Rodriguez declared that an asteroid would cause an earthquake of point 12 on the Richter Scale. The resulting tsunami was gonna take out hundreds of thousands of people. This event should have happened at some point before 2014 was over... Yeah, that didn't happen – awkward!
Major fail... we're not complaining though.

Our waves are looking pretty normal, so in other words, they're AWESOME!

This is Liezl, signing out.

Featured camper blog: Memento of a regular camper

Moscow week, Cake Boss vs. Ice Cream Week, Australia Week and many more... All these camps, and especially Sugar Bay itself, are always in my heart. But it had to start somewhere...

My first camp was when I came with my school on a tour - after which I was hooked! But the real fun started with American States week, my first holiday camp. I remember arriving as shy and quiet as ever. I was taken aback by all the activity and joy around me, because up until that point I had never been to a camp worth writing about. I also loved hearing the counselors’ funky names! The activities blew my mind and I couldn’t wait to do them all. The week was filled with fun, laughter, friendships and a new family.

A year later I was back, seeing some old and new faces of both campers and counselors alike. With each week, I grew more confident and outgoing- so much so, that you would not believe the shy person I once was, thanks to the special counselors and to all the new friends I gained. I think this is…