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Counselor Training – What does it entail?

At Sugar Bay, we offer youngsters the opportunity to join our active and friendly child-loving team, by participation in our CIT (Counselor in Training) Course. The training is professionally led by Sugar Bay Director; Zoe Ellender, Head Counselor; Chaplin, Head Lifeguard; Watson and Emergency First Response Instructor; Macadamia. 
The trainees spend two weeks at camp participating in intense training which includes a series of practical and theoretical challenges.
Here are some of the scheduled activities for the counselors in training:  Programming Manual Discussion and Test
Upon arrival, a Programming Manual is given to trainees. This manual covers subjects such as; how camp runs, how to be a good counselor and what is expected of camp counselors, the hierarchy of the staff at camp, etc. An informative discussion is held about the Programming Manual, and trainees are tested on the knowledge gained from it.
Swim Test and Rainy Day Activities Class
One of the most important skills a counse…

Upcoming August Holiday Camps

We’re warming our way into spring with some more incredible themed holiday camps at Sugar Bay. We’re showcasing our talents and searching for the one with the X-Factor, adventuring the Amazon, exploring the world of Emojis and celebrating Sugar Bay’s Sweet Sixteenth. You can’t miss out on these amazing August holiday camps! 

X-Factor week: 6-13 August

We’re hosting our very own X-Factor week, where campers will get the opportunity to showcase their talents and compete to win the ultimate prize; A free holiday camp at Sugar Bay! 

X-Factor Show Biscuit-making classes Spoken word poetry classes Beat-boxing classes Singing classes Excursion – Live Stage Show
What will it cost to help my child discover their X-Factor?
Book now to be a part of the world’s biggest talent show! 

Amazon week: 13-20 August

Join us on this wild adventure in the world’s largest tropical rainforest, the Amazon. We’re bringing the jungle to Sugar Bay! 

Camp Survivor challenges Survivor skills clas…

Saying goodbye to your kids – the Dos and Don’ts

The way in which you say goodbye to your kids before a new experience can either encourage them or incite panic and despair. For children, a new experience can be scary and they depend on the support from their parents in order to respond to this experience positively.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts for certain first-time-experiences: 

Saying goodbye at school for the first time:

Watching your little one walk away from the car into the school gates for the first time is often a very stressful experience for parents. However, it is much more challenging for your child, be it the first day of primary school, high school or college.

DO encourage your child and speak about how exciting this new experience will be. Focus on the opportunities it will offer and the positive things to look forward to in the day. The trick is to be more excited than your child, and your excitement will surely rub off on him or her.

DON’T think of all the things that could go wrong and don’t share these thoughts with …

Why summer camps can be considered an investment

Summer camps aren’t as common in South Africa as they are in the United States. This is one of the reasons why you are likely to spend more money on a summer camp than you would on a typical holiday booking at an ordinary resort or lodge. Summer camps can range from as little as four-hundred Rands per person, per night, to nine-hundred Rands, all depending on the quality of the camp and what it has to offer. You cannot compromise on the quality of a summer camp to cut costs, which is why you should view summer camp as an investment. 

There are many reasons why summer camp prices are a little upscale. Here’s how pricing of a summer camp can affect the experience the camp has to offer;


You cannot expect a cost-effective camp to have high-end security measures in place because; high-end security doesn’t come cheap. Be it equipment or general safety assurances, if a camp is cost conscious, you will not get the best in terms of safety, which is something no parent should be willing to…