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5 Reasons why failure is good for your child

Have you ever watched your child working hard at something, and at the same time had to watch them fail at it too? As a parent, you've probably tried everything you could to make every failure less of a burden to your child. But, there are days, when even parents, aka. "know-it-alls" realize that we actually don't have the answers to everything.
Failure is a tough lesson. It often ends in tears, frustration, and dismayed spirits to give something another shot. But failure isn't a lesson to be afraid of. More often, children learn more from their mistakes than they do from their success. When faced with failure, they are forced to employ creative problem-solving skills, try a new strategy, and persevere.
Here are 5 Reasons why Failure is good for your child:

1. Failure will make them Problem Solvers
Children are naturally curious and masters of discovery. Failure without any interference from parents will help children learn from the struggle which is part of what …

Camp goes beyond building campfires

Not everything your children learn is found in a textbook or on a tablet. Most of life’s greatest lessons are learned from real life experiences itself and are taught at no expense. Camping is the best teacher that keeps your child away from technology and reels them into the reality of life. Children learn from camp, not just survival skills, but also the value of certain qualities such as courage, confidence, and character.  Camp builds Courage

At camp, we believe in encouraging our campers. This encouragement very quickly grows into a quality that creates a brave child, who is open to trying new things and is courageous enough to never give up.
At SugarBay, we offer this activity where our campers jump off a bridge and into a lagoon. This is definitely one of the greatest courage building activities for our campers so that they learn to face whatever challenges thrown their way, fearlessly.

Camp builds Confidence 
Our wonderfully trained counselors who boast expertise in child psycholog…

Review: June/July Holiday Camps

Our June/July holiday camps at Sugar Bay were absolutely incredible! We were host to a total of 208 cool campers during the winter break. “Winter break”, hahaha, not sure why they call it a winter break on the warm KZN coast. The season didn't stop us from having as much Sugar Bay fun as we usually do in summer. We were fortunate enough to have sunshine throughout our holiday camps with a mild chill in the air during the evenings. If anything, we had a sunny

Angry Birds week: 26 June – 3 July

We took off with the Angry Birds as our first theme for our June/July holiday camps.Our camp was transformed into the life-size version of the popular mobile game and our campers were given the opportunity to spread their wings and have some extraordinary feather flocking fun! We even went on an excursion to the Umgeni Bird Park in Durban, keeping with the theme and learning more about the spectacular bird species that South Africa has to offer. 
Check out the pictures from The Jungle Book week

Upcoming August Holiday Camps

We’re already in the second half of the year, and that means we can say goodbye to the winter chills and splash into the warmer climate!

A new season means another school vacation, and more spectacular Sugar Bay holiday camps!

Check out our amazing August line-up and book now to secure your space at another incredibly themed holiday camp.
Ghostbusters week: 7 – 14 August

Things are getting a little “spooky” at Sugar Bay, but no worries…
Who ya gonna call?
It’s time for another spooky expedition with the Ghostbusters at Sugar Bay as we search for all forms of paranormal activity, to prove to the world that ghosts really do exist.


•    Specialized spooky classes: Slime-making and Ghost foam-making
•    Ghost Busting Flash Mob
•    Ghost Buster Slime Fest
•    Spooky camp out with ghosts
•    Ghost costume creation

How much will this spooky scenario cost?

Book now to get Ghost-Busting!

Japan week: 14 – 21 August

Join us as we bring the Japanese island nation, situated in t…

5 Steps to grow Confidence in Kids

Bullying in schools in this day and age is rife. As parents, whether our child is the victim or the perpetrator, we have every right to be concerned. The common ground for bullying, involving both the victim and perpetrator is the lack of confidence.

Confident kids are less likely to bully others, be bullied, and are more likely to befriend those who are bullied. When a child is confident, and knows their strengths and weaknesses, him/her know and are aware that they can learn from other people, rather than feeling threatened by them. This is why, at Sugar Bay, we believe in placing great emphasis on building children’s confidence.

Here are 5 steps to growing confident kids:

1. Teach your kids acceptance

Teach your child that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Once he/she establishes this, teach them that just because someone else doesn’t feel the same way they do about a certain situation, this is no reason to feel bad about anything. They need to accept their differences and …

DIY: Kaa Bracelets – Jungle Book

Not everyone are fans of slimy, slithering, snakes… But here at Sugar Bay, we adore them! They are really such beautiful creatures. Have you noticed how inspired we are by Kaa from The Jungle Book this week? 

So, much so, that we have found a great, creative way of turning the concept into a beautiful handmade bracelet. 

DIY: Kaa Bracelets
You will need: 

•    Pipe Cleaners in a variety of colors
•    Red pipe cleaner
•    Pony beads
•    Googly eyes
•    Hot glue gun


1. Bend the end of a pipe cleaner to prevent the beads from slipping off, then thread the beads onto the pipe cleaner. 

2.    The last six beads on each pipe cleaner should be the same color. 

3.    Fold the pipe cleaner back on itself to create a triangular-shape - this is your snake’s head.

4.    Cut the red pipe cleaner into small pieces, and then fold the end to create a thick tongue. 

5.    Use the hot glue to attach this piece to the bottom of your snake’s head. 

6.    Glue on the eyes, and then bend the body into an…

DIY: Kaa – The Jungle Book

Trust in me,
Just in me,
Shut your eyes
and Trust in Me.

You can sleep…

Safe and sound,
Knowing I,
Am around. 

We all were certainly creped out and almost hypnotized by the dramatic scene where Kaa does a performance of his very own number “Trust in me” in The Jungle Book. 

As much as he can be creepy, The Jungle Book could never be the same without Kaa, the Indian Rock Python. 

In celebration of the Jungle Book week at Sugar Bay, we’re inspired to create a Kaa paper craft. It’s so simple, and oh so easy. Oh, and not as creepy as Kaa himself.
DIY: Kaa Craft - The Jungle Book You will need: •    Dark Brown Card Paper
•    Crème Card Paper
•    A pair of Scissors
•    Glue
•    A Pencil
•    Brown Koki Pen
•    Pink Koki Pen
•    Googly Eyes


1.    Draw a spiral on the crème coloured card paper.
2.    Using a pair of scissors, cut out the shape.
3.    With your pencil, make spots like Kaa’s on the dark brown card paper and cut them out.
4.    Stick the spots on the crème spiral card with the glue.