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Get to Know – Sesame

This week in our Sugar Bay Get to Know series, we get to know Sesame! Named after the healthy seed and not after the Sesame Street Muppets, Sesame has been a counselor at Sugar Bay for 6 months. Sesame, or Ses as many would call her, really enjoys stand-up-paddle-boarding (sup), space jump and king swing at Sugar Bay. She told us these were her absolute favourite activities at camp.  The other thing Sesame really loves at camp are the Chicken Schwarmas.  Ses described herself in 3 words as “Happy, Giving and always Willing!”  Sweet Ses, very sweet. 
Sesame is quite a funny girl. She told us about one of her most embarrassing moments at camp which had us in stitches:
“My most embarrassing moment at camp was when I walked head first into a member of ground staff who was carrying planks down the board walk. I was distracted, talking to the campers from my cabin and went head first into the planks! We all laughed so hard!”
How many of you were with Ses when this actually happened?  Must have be…