Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Hi my name's SNAKEEEEEE!!!

Wow it was so cool to be back at camp for Ashton College they were such amazing kids.. Well some were Grade 12 so I guess thats young adults haha. Thanks to all the counselors who were there and everyone made me feel so welcome as I havent been a counselor for aaaaages... I soon settled in due to the awesome vibe and camp is definately in good hands. Shot to Raven for a sick Surfing class!

Hope to see you all at camp soon as it was good to get away from the ''real world'' for a weekend.

The end haha.

You guys are cool


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Extra Extra!

Read all about it!
So News Press Week is off to an amazing start and all our campers have turned into budding photographers and big-time reporters. We've even started a Sugar Bay Newspaper for this week, headed up by Eno, out tallented editor.
News Broadcasts will soon be up on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
Stay tuned for some exciting News Press Week News!