Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Upcoming June/July Camps

With the mid-year approaching, it's time to press the restart button, so that your kids can feel refreshed and prepared for the second half of their academic year. Reward their hard work with a tropical school holiday adventure that could not be found on the TV or computer. We have three imaginatively themed camps for the July school holidays, and our R1900 discount officially makes Sugar Bay the best way to spend the winter holidays.

Spiderman Week

Fighting crime one web at a time, Peter Parker promises to swing past Sugar Bay for a quick break and join in on our web of fun.


  • A carnival with a New York theme will be held where the juniors will indulge in a range of American carnival activities. 
  • A special beach bonfire will be hosted for the seniors where they'll be spoiled with a colour fire and fire show.
  • Skits and Stunts: Campers will enjoy a performance of crazy skits and stunts put on by our counselors.
  • Campers will enjoy a pool party and a carnival with a photo booth, bungee trampoline, obstacle course and banner signing. 

How much would it cost to get stuck in this web of fun?

Book now and become a superhero!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

With whimsical adventure awaiting us during our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory holiday camp, we look forward to swimming in chocolate and blasting into a galaxy of sweetness. Who's got their golden ticket to enter Willy Wonka's factory?


  • Opening night game: Whipplescrumpcious Chocolate Game.
  • Ooompha Loompha Show Night: This theatrical dreamland is just waiting to entice our campers' imaginations.
  • Casino Night: With casino games galore, campers have to earn as many chips as possible!
  • The sweet factor: From chocolate races to chocolate faces, we'll be having sweet chocolate game fun.
  • Candy Obstacle Course:  A night of Halloween trick or treating. 
  • All camp game of Pac Man, campers need to collect as many balls for their cabins.
How much does a golden ticket cost?

Russia Week

For our last camp, we are embracing winter for a holiday in Russia. So grab your Shapka-ushanka and your soccer boots and join us for the Fifa Soccer World Cup!


  • Ice skating excursion.
  • Campers vs. Counselors soccer game.
  • Variety of team sports (scotty the pirate, capture the flag, king of the hill)
  • Beach soccer.
  • Soccer with water balloons .

  • How much would it cost to experience cold Russia?

    Book now for a week of soccer mania!

    Bongimfundo delights in a day at Sugar Bay

    Sugar Bay does not host day visits for schools, but we make one exception. We are always honoured to host the learners of Bongimfundo Primary School free of charge. This year the smiles of ninety grade 3 and 4's arrived at camp filled with the Sugar Bay spirit. They were thrilled to spend the day playing at camp. Four Square, Space Jump, swimming and body art were among the long list of activities they relished on Friday, 11 May 2018.

    "I was scared when they told us we were coming to Sugar Bay, kodwa kum'nandi lana! (It's so much fun here)" This is what Nosipho, age 9, said when she was asked about her experience at Sugar Bay. "I still can't believe it!" she exclaimed.

    Because every child is special, Sugar Bay supports student growth and different forms of education. Experiential education is Sugar Bay's specialisation. There are many things children can learn through play, for example interpersonal teamwork and problem-solving skills. We extend that learning opportunity to the learners of Bongimfundo Primary School when they visit our camp.

    Community Service Learning is one way that Sugar Bay gives back to the local community. Bongimfundo Primary School is one of the schools that benefit from their Service Learning initiative.

    Service Learning provides an opportunity for students from well-resourced schools to engage with under-resourced schools in an effort to share resources and actively participate in community development. The goal is to combine learning goals and community service in a way that develops life and social skills.

    When students come to Sugar Bay, we want them to leave with a greater sense of personal efficiency, a broader outlook on life with reduced stereotyping and greater inter-cultural understanding.

    A form of experiential education where learning occurs through a cycle of action and reflection as students. . . seek to achieve real objectives for the community and deeper understanding and skills for themselves. In the process, students link personal and social development with academic and cognitive development. . . experience enhances understanding; understanding leads to more effective action.” - Janet S Eyler (winner of the 2003 Thomas Ehrlich Faculty Award for service Learning)

    Learn more about the Service Learning program at Sugar Bay, or in what other ways we give back. You can also view more photos from Bongimfundo's 2018 visit to Sugar Bay.

    Thursday, 17 May 2018

    3 Tips to manage homesickness like a pro

    When you introduce the idea of camp to your children, the first reaction expected is of excitement, looking forward to making new friends, being away from home and new experiences. For some children, however, the idea of being away from home might be frightening and a cause of anxiety.

    If homesickness isn’t managed properly, your child may not take home the full excitement that comes after attending camp, and it may deepen the anxiety of being away from home next time.

    Here are three ways you can help your child with homesickness and anxiety without being part of the problem.

    1.Have a conversation before camp

    When the first couple of conversations are thrown around about the idea of camp, slight inserts of, “How exciting would it be to spend some time with new people?” should be thrown in the mix. It’s very important that you phrase your language in a positive context and emphasize the excitement and benefits of this new experience.

    When there is hesitancy, or when you can sense your child’s nervousness, that’s when you probe further in an attempt to discover where their anxiety stems from. This will help both of you move forward in finding a solution.

    2. Stay in touch

    Keeping in touch may be unfavourable when handling homesickness, as this could trigger your child to want to go home. The trick here is how you do it. When contact between you and your child occurs, again, you need to be on the positive end. Ask questions. For example, what has been their favourite activity so far, who is their favourite counselor, what food they’re eating. This allows them to focus on the good aspects of camp, and storytelling allows them to carve their own notions on their experience. This will help them forget about their anxiety for a while.

    When your child starts exhibiting anxiety, affirm that you understand. Don't do this in a sympathetic way, but rather as an empathetic parent. This allows them to unburden their feelings, which often makes them feel better, especially when you remain positive, offer encouragement and advice. This will motivate them to conquer the situation on their own, while knowing that they have a support system.

    3. Talk to the Counselors at camp

    When you sense your child really isn’t coping, you can speak to one of the counselors at camp to see if they can’t help your child cope better. Now this doesn't mean that your child will be getting special treatment, but rather that the counselors are aware and will approach the situation in a way that will equip your child to overcome this hurdle. This is not an opportunity for you to tell the counselor how to handle the situation, but rather a heads up from you as a parent to the camp.

    We hope that these tips help your child overcome their homesickness, so that they don't miss out on an incredible camp experience and all the personal benefits it has to offer.

    Are you concerned about how to handle your children's homesickness the next time they go to camp? Leave your comment below, or contact us and we will help you.

    Alternatively, subscribe to our  Pinterest channel and have a look at our Parenting Board for more parenting advice. 

    Friday, 11 May 2018

    DIY: How to make a Lava Lamp

    What you will need:
    • Water
    •  A clear plastic bottle
    • Vegetable oil
    • Food colouring
    • Alka-Seltzer (or other tablets that fizz)


    1. Pour water into the plastic bottle until it's around one quarter full. You might want to use a funnel when filling the bottle so you don't spill anything.

    2.Pour in vegetable oil until the bottle is almost full.

    3.Wait for the water and oil to separate.

    4. Add a dozen drops of food colouring into the bottle (choose any colour you like).

    5. The food colouring should fall through the oil and mix with the water.

    6.Cut an Alka-Seltzer tablet into small pieces (5-6 pieces) and drop one of them into the bottle, things should start getting a little crazy because the lava lamp should be coming to life!

    7. When the bubbling stops, add another piece of Alka-Seltzer and enjoy the show!

    From making rock candy, volcano's to lava lamps, we love to learn through play at Sugar Bay.

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