Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Getting to know Kodak...


Once again we have reached our Wedneasday mark! Woohoo, the weekend is nearing..
Now since you have been reading these blogs by me every week, I feel I should show you some things about myself, so you know me better!
Sit back, relax, and grab some popcorn!

Peace, Love, Happiness :)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

International Love...

Hello Guys and Girls

Last week Sugar Bay was lucky to have not one but TWO international 
schools join us at camp. We had Sifundzani from Swaziland and Maputo 
International from Mozambique. Both schools were very different and 
brought their own uniqueness to camp. They also got along with each 
other really well and enjoyed making friends with not only the 
counselors from South Africa but with campers from other countries too.

The campers from Maputo International were excited from day one to get 
straight into the Sugar Bay fun. They loved both the land and the beach 
activities and participated in Team Building. The Maputo students had to 
work together as a team to complete various tasks. Their favorite out of 
them all was going through the obstacle course as a team.The campers 
from Sifundzani really enjoyed going to the Beach as some of the campers 
had never even seen the sea before.

They took full advantage of all the beach activities and even got to go 
on an Excursion to Ushaka Marine World. They spent the morning at the 
Aquarium and then had a ball at Wet and Wild for the rest of the day.
The campers had a ball last week and so did the counselors. Finch:" The 
campers from Sifunzani were super cool, I enjoyed having them here so 
much I think I'm going to move to Swaziland!".

Last week we were also lucky enough to have a Teacher join us that has 
been coming to Sugar Bay for the last 10 years.Yes,The one and only Mr C 
from Sifundzani. Mr C is a favorite both with his students and the Sugar 
Bay staff. He reassured us that he will be back once again next year for 
his 11 year.He also asked Tape to please lets his two kids apply to 
become counselors now, so when they are old enough they have a spot on 
our team.

We look forward to having both schools join us once again next year. 
Stay tuned on the Blog, we have more international schools joining us 
this week and trust me they are having a ball.

Remember... It's your World! <3

Friday, 11 October 2013

The Best School Camps in South Africa!

Meet BRB. Get your teacher to call BRB. Love BRB. Come to Sugar Bay with your school for an educational tour. Love the Tour. Come back next year. (Repeat x 1000)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

So Fluffy, I could DIE!!!!

Good day!

What a week it has been! Running around after two different schools, from land to the beach and then back to land! I love it! Busy busy busy, it's the best!
We have been blessed yet again with beautiful weather, the waves were so fantastic today that I just couldn't resist jumping into the ocean with the kids from Sifundzani, it was great!

Our lady duck, Spatchcock, has had the most ADORABLE ducklings! I've been obssessed with taking photos of them! THEY SO FLUFFY!! They waddle around the walkway while Borris (daddy duck) hisses at anyone who walks past, trying to protect his young ones, it's too sweet!

I hope you have all been working just as hard as Borris and I, remember- life should be filled with happiness, no matter what you do. Happiness comes from within.
Peace, Love, and Happiness...
May the rest of the week bring you all the Happiness you deserve!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Avengers Memories from Paris

WOW! What a SUPER Week here at Sugar Bay! Avengers week was definitely one to remember! This week campers got to show off their super powers all over camp. From Super Hero King Swingers to Super Hero bikers all over Zinkwazi, our Super Hero's were everywhere! Campers even got to turn counselors into their own Iron Man and participated in Spy training to become Sugar Bay secret agents. The definite highlight was the  All Camp SUPER Camp Out. This was the first time, since I have been at Sugar Bay that every single camper went on Camp Out! Boy was it a night to remember! What better way to spend a night at Sugar Bay then at a camp fire with some of your best friends, singing songs, telling stories and then sleeping underneath the stars. The incredible Hulk carnival was a huge highlight for this week as campers got to go head to head in a whole bunch of strenuous challenges such as lifting weights and arm wrestling against one another. Everything was mean and green, even theme dinner were campers got to make a HULK burger with  a variety of  toppings, to make them huge!
On Saturday morning campers were woken up by the sound of rain falling on the roves of their cabins. But not to worry they were kept entertain my the Super Hero fashion show. Campers that were dressed to the nine's took to the run way and got to model for the panel of judges. The rain was happy to stay at the bay but the fun did not stop! We had a super auction were campers raced against each other in challenges and eventually all had their faces in a lovely plate of cream!

For all the campers that missed out on the fun December is just around the corner and we look forward to seeing ALL of you there! Stay tuned for all the exciting sneak peaks on our December camps! Remember... It's your world! <3

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday everybody!

I hope your week has been as fantastic as mine! I've been running around from the office, to the beach, to our land activities, to our adventure activities! The best part about it has been all the excitement and smiling faces of our Constantia Park kids! 200 of them!!

I've seen their progress throughout the week with certain activities such as surfing, where they could barely paddle in the lagoon without falling off the surf board, to standing on the board without our counsellors holding them! Big ups!
God has graced us with such beautiful sunny weather as well, so we have all been taking full advantage of it!

As with our evening programme, the kids have been moving around non stop! From our frightening Fear Factor, to our terrific Treasure Hunt, the darkness has not stopped them from being outdoors!
It's a good thing I've had my camera to capture every memorable moment!

Keep Peaceful, keep Loving, and keep Happy!