Friday, 30 May 2014

Temple School visits Sugarbay all the way from Nigeria!

Well hello everyone!

This week we imported some new friends all the way from Nigeria. It was very exciting to show them the fun side of South Africa.

 I had so much fun running around catching all the action! I even found Spiderman ;)

Everyone was loving the beach and got along great even though we all had different accents.

We cant wait to have you guys back at camp.

Hope you made some great memories and even better friends!

Keep on smiling :)

Friday, 16 May 2014

Surf, dance & play soccer like a pro these June/ July holidays

For the campers joining us for the June/July holidays they are in for a real treat! We have some fun, awesome and exciting themes planned during this time.

Mr Price Pro (29 June – 6 July)

This camp is going to be all about the Mr Price Pro taking place in Ballito that week, in which some of the most famous surfers, both local and international, will be competing for the title of the top surfer. During this week at camp, it will all be about surfing and being at the beach.

What this theme will add to camp

Campers will be able to go for early morning dawnies, which is just the best time to catch a wave. We will also be teaching campers all the surfing lingo they need to know throughout the week, and for those not to confident in the sea they can try out our mechanical surfboard before hitting the real waves.

Evening activites & excursions

We have cool surfing evening activities to look forward to. Campers will enjoy a Beach Camp Out, just like real surfers. Everyone knows that surfers love to eat, so there will also be a Surf Shack cook off, our little surfers will all get together on the party night for the ultimate Hawaiian party!

For the Campers that would like stay at camp for another week we will be offering a free excursion where we take the campers on departure day to watch the final of the Mr Price Pro – how epic is that?

Rio Week (6 July – 13 July)

This is going to be a week full of colour and festivals inspired by Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. As you may all know, Brazil will be hosting the Fifa 2014 football world cup during this time, so here at camp we are going to bring all the festivities to life!

What this theme will add to camp

Campers will be learning all about Brazil this week from festivals, to dressing, learning a few Portuguese phrases and much more. We will also be having our very own Rio de Janeiro Carnival will lots of lights, colourful music and delicious Brazilian snacks for campers to munch on.

But, what would this week be without soccer? For the big soccer fans, we will be screening the matches for them, so they can cheer on their favorite team! There will also be soccer matches on our very own field, indoor in the hall, on our fooseball tables and on the beach. Expect soccer everywhere!


Campers will also have the opportunity to visit a beautiful soccer stadium right here in Durban, the Moses Mabida Stadium. Campers will go on an all access tour of the Stadium, as well as the Skyline Tour.

Once again for campers that would like to stay at camp we will be offering a free excursion on departure day to Umgeni Bird Park to see some beautiful Bird Life!

So You Think You Can Dance Week (13 – 20 July)

Everybody loves to dance, whether it's in front of an audience or in front of a mirror in your bedroom. Dance has been a part of many cultures for thousands of years, so we'll be exploring the endless possibilities of dance this week.

What this theme will add to camp

Campers will be able to participate in different dance workshops everyday, in which they can learn different dance styles. Flash mobs will be a huge part of this week, as random dancing will happen each and everyday. Some evening programs include dance off competitions, and dance quiz shows.

For the campers that enjoy African dance, we will be going on Camp Out where campers can dance and sing around a fire!

This week we will also have early morning yoga and dance classes, to get those bodies moving and muscles working early in the morning, on the beach.

There also may be a special dance crew visiting us for a special performance, but you will have to wait and see!

This is just a little taste of all the wonderful things to expect during our June/July holiday camps, for more come and join us! 

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Here's a sneak peak into what the camp experience at Sugar Bay is like, and if you would like to see what takes place in some of our themed holiday weeks, have a look at our gallery.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Woodhill's visit here at the Bay

This week at Sugar Bay we had Woodhill College at camp. All the students from Pretoria were very excited to be here. The first day they arrived, we could really feel the energy and there was no time to waste.

The campers were here on what we like to call a fun bonding tour! This means their teachers wanted them to have fun, make new friends and socialise with other students that they might not necessarily socialise with at school.

We also got them to participate in fun activities, so they could enjoy them with their new friends. We headed down to the beach everyday, and got theses kids surfing and body boarding! While on land, we had several artists making beautiful creations, and the adventurous types were climbing Jacobs ladder with their new mate, or taking the leap of faith off the King Swing.

Everyone came together on the final day for a huge adventure down to the launch site where they could fish , make some beach bread or create their very own dream catcher.

We ended off the day with an all camp super beach session, where the last memories of camp were shared.

Two lucky campers got to experience one of the best things when at Sugar Bay! What better way to spend your birthday than with all your friends at camp? Our two lucky campers received the following:
  • Beautiful Decorated Tables with Balloons.
  • First choice for our activities.
  • First choice for tuck shop.
  • They got to drive our Bubble Bus.
  • Birthday cake made specially for them to share with their cabin.
  • The whole of Sugar Bay sang happy birthday to them!!

Here at camp we like to go over and above for birthdays, and that is just a taste of what we offer here! So come and celebrate your next birthday with us here at Sugar Bay!

To all our Woodhill campers, we are going to miss you all very much! We hope to see you back in the upcoming holiday camps.

Speaking of holiday camps, next week I will give you a snake peak of what is to come these June and July holidays! Boy, you guys are going to love it!

Remember it's your world!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

April holidays hit us with a firey bang!

Hello there everybody! Sorry I have been quiet for a while, but it's been crazy here at Sugar Bay. The last two weeks have been truly awesome, and legends have been created here at the Bay. I don't even know where to start?

Australian week started with crocodile Dundee welcoming everyone to camp! The week was filled with plenty of Auzzie moments, including camp-out which was a huge hit this week. We had all our Australian campers head to Camp Out in our very own Sugar Outback. Once there, they were met by Crocodile Dundee, and they enjoyed a delicious braai potjie, and made smores! They then sang songs and told stories around the camp fire and under the stars!

We even celebrated Anzac day! This is a national day of remembrance in Australia that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars. This night we had an old school party night which was navy themed. We started with all the boys and girls on either side of the hall, and then the flash mob began! What a celebration it was.

The week ended off with the biggest day of all, Auzzie Rule's Saturday. We had a true auzzie barbecue for the afternoon and a huge pool party! We finished the day off with a dinner which was themed, "Fairy Bread", which is a yummy wannabe kangaroo stew and then of course lammington cake!

For the campers that were lucky enough to stay for two weeks, they went to the Crocodile Farm. Here they got to experience Australian reptiles, and they also enjoyed a yummy lunch and returned to camp to meet all their new friends for Fire and Ice week.

Fire & Ice week was the big one, the one that made Sugar Bay history! One hundred and eighty one campers in an April holiday camp has never happened before, so for those of you that were here, you are all legends!

This week was one of my favourites! At camp we had our beach and land PC's split up into two teams! The beach represented the "ice" PC's and land represented the "fire" PC's. The entire week was a battle to see who would take the title. The royals of each team presented themselves to the campers and taught them flash mobs that they would perform throughout the week.

The evening programs were legendary. The juniors dunked Ice and Mr Freeze in lava slime. The intermediates made epic ice-cream sundae's for their entire cabin, and the seniors had beach bon fires and learnt how to spin on the beach!

The main highlight for this week had to have been the excursion to the ice rink in the Galleria. Sugar Bay booked out the entire ice rink for the morning, and all our campers got to skate with their friends. We all had a delicious Mc Donald lunch and Mozart ice-cream. It was definitely a long day, as many campers were sleeping on the way back.

For the campers that didn't go on the excursion, they also had a ball here at camp. The morning started with some indoor land activities and then the afternoon was a Ski Day where campers got to ride on the Snakee, which is a banana shaped yellow tube that you ride on the lagoon.

My favourite for this week was the all camp colour war! It started off with the winners from the all week battle. Drum Roll Please... The Ice team! As the winners, the Ice team got to dunk the Fire team in blue slime! Then the games began! Campers ran around the field and threw coloured powder at each other. It was beautiful.

Thanks to all the campers that made it special! This week we are joined by Woodhill, so I will give you an update at the end of the week on how it went!

For those of you that missed out on these April holiday camps, there are more camps coming up in June/July that are going to be crazy! We have Mr Price Pro Week, Rio Week and So You Think You Can Dance Week.

If you guys are lucky, I will spill the beans on what's to come ;)

Remember it's your World! <3