Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hi Everyone, it's Rodger Dodger!

Sorry it's been so long people, camp has been so fun I lost track of time. New Years camp was a blast, Back to the Future Week was awesome, the Party Night and the fireworks were amazing and the best thing of all was that Sangoma came back to camp. Everyone was so happy to see him again.

After that was Funsunzi Week - also so much fun.  Lots of time spent on the beach, going nuts by the pool and on the last day we had a Colour Fest. There was colour being thrown everywhere and everyone came back looking like a Picasso painting, so much fun.

Then we had Disney Week. Although there were not as many campers as other weeks we still had a blast with who was still here, especially with Disney Channel All Camp Games at the end of the week

Sadly, that was the end of the holiday camps but we still have school camps to look forward to like Crawford Sandton, who we just hosted. Cool bunch of people and really enjoyed theie henna tattoos.

Then the counselors and myself had a weekend break, so eleven of us went to St Lucia and stayed in a back-packers called Bibs Backpackers. We had such a nice timeand we saw lots of hippos and crocodiles. One hippo started to walk out of the river right where we were standing, a good 5 meters away.

 Anyway, back at camp now and ready for Crawford Lonehill. Excited to spend time with those guys!

So, chat soon and be good - and always stay safe, sound & sorted!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Sandton is in the House!

Sandton is in the House!!!

Last Week Sugar Bay was lucky enough to have Crawford Sandton join us! Well it was definitely a week to remember! Imagine 120 senior campers coming through the gates, suitcases in hand - the girls bags obviously way to big for a five day camp! But in other words they were on a mission and ready to tackle Sugar Bay!

The seniors started off with Skit and Stunts on their opening night and enjoyed watching the counselors perform at their best for the crowd! Their first day began and the seniors enjoyed going down to the beach and swimming in the sea but of course getting a tan was definitely on their to do list. For those that were on land they really enjoyed Henna which was done by Hilton and then of course a huge hit with the boys was BMX with Veggie and Twitch!  Campers loved our high ropes course and the boys loved to get down and dirty and of course full of paint in our paintball arena!!

The Seniors did love the thing they do best, which is to Chill! “Chilling: The art of doing nothing without being bored.” Sandton definitely showed us and master chilling. Whether it was on the beach, on the sand, in our huge swimming pool or while watching the ping pong tournament these Seniors chilled at their best!

Something I can say I definitely learned from last week was that Sugar Bay was created for every type of camper, that is what truly makes it unique! Whether you're the adrenaline junkie doing our high ropes and bmx courses, the beach bum going to the beach every chance they get, the optomist that loves trying new things like learning how to surf! Even that camper that is perfectly fine just chilling and making friends for life!

So come to Sugar Bay and be yourself! Because being yourself is the prettiest thing a person can be!

Remember its your World... From Paris with love... <3

Friday, 17 January 2014

the boys of summer

from the dawning of a new day brimming with possibility, heralded in by liquid golden sunlight...

to the invigoration of the ocean, pumping life to the spirit as blood does the body...

the boys and girls of summer leave their footprints behind but take their memories...

velvet green swathes of sugarcane sweeten the air, luscious - redolent...
and surrender their hold on the earth as the mighty Zinkwazi scythes through - to rest awhile at the lagoon before joining the sea...
the celestial veil rests gently over the place of the fish eagles...

there's a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they're absolutely free - don't miss so many of them...
'sunset is still my favourite colour & rainbow is second'...mattie stepanek

good night sugar bay...

by blue...

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Fantastic Feedback

Hi there, thought I would share some comments from our December campers...

"Camp is fun, camp is amazing, the food is nice and it is the best place to have a holiday". Khanyisa

 "I really loved spending money at the tuckshop. The fireshow was amazing. My cabin was extremely cray cray but I loved them. I will never forget my time at Sugar Bay. I learnt how to live with others and to swim". Charne

"I love Sugar Bay because I feel that I can be who I 
want to be, who I am or what I want to be. I love socialising and getting to know people I love".

"I love Sugar Bay a lot, and especially my cabin Froggy Pond!
The girls that were all in my cabin are my sisters! I love you guys and please don't change yourself, I love you the way you are". Sipho

 "I would like to come back to camp because of the counselors and the food". Ewuraba (a.k.a. Aba)

"Sugar Bay is awesome. I got new friends. I enjoyed hanging out with my cabin. It was super fun. I would like to come back again soon". Bontle

"I want to come back because it is so fun, the counselors are awesome and the activities are so much fun. I also want to finish some of the
activities I did not do"

"I would come back because of the counselors and sport and games". love Taylor.

"I'd definitely come back to Sugar Bay because everytime I come I make new friends & I love all the different themes
every week". Kaedi

"I want to come back to camp because of everything there". lots of love Layla.

"I have loved camp so much this time and here's why I want to come back:
1. I love the food.
2. I love the counselors.
3. I love the people.
4. I love the activities.
5. I love the beach!

"I really want to come back because I love every little thing about Sugar Bay" love Cailin.

"What makes me want to come to camp is:
the food, the counselors, the new friends I make, all the activities, the beach, what we do in the cabin, the crazy weeks and a whole bunch of this! If I had to say all the things I want to I'll need another page" Tatiana.

Sugar Bay hopes to see you all soon guys! 

Love Blue

Monday, 13 January 2014

Six Weeks of Madness!

Wow! Where do I even begin to explain these past holidays? It has been a long yet very rewarding holiday season. Sugar Bay was on the go every week this holiday, so in this weeks blog I would like to share all my favourite moments from the holidays!

Bubble Week! Let's just say this got extremely bubbly and my highlight for this week had to be the FOAM PIT PARTY NIGHT! There was nothing more fun than jumping into a foam pit and partying the night away with our guest DJ!

Holidays Week was definitely a big one with a whopping 211 campers at camp! The first day for me was the most magical! We brought every child's favourite holiday to life outside in our reception area! From Santa's Elves to our counselor witches stirring their pot of poison! We even had Lovers Lane in reception and St Paddy's Bar set up for the campers who were absolutely famished after their long journeys!

Wild Valley Water Park Week was definitely a divine and dazzling week! From the first day with our Sheiks and Belly Dancers to our decadent theme dinner where campers got to make their very own shwarmas -  it was one to remember!

Then New Years hit us with a bang! Time travel was a huge part of this week and what better way to celebrate going into the new year than with time travelling! The News Year Eve Party Night was one I will never forget. We started the night with flash mob training, where I saw some scary dance moves! Once the campers were all out of moves we partied the night away! Campers were then treated to an awesome fire show by some of our best spinners and then we had the most beautiful fire works display! 

Funsunzi Week was definitely what it stood for, so on the last day we took to the field for probably the most fun I have had in a long time! Sugar Bay Colour Fest! Campers and Counselors we covered from head to toe in all sorts of beautiful and bright colours! I still can't get it out of my hair!

The final best memory of the holidays had to be the tears I shed during the final camp fire of the holiday season! Our one and only Sangoma stood up a read a poem that brought most of us to tears. I was lucky enough to get it from him and share it with all of you.

Sugar Bays' final camp fire, where I've shed a tear,
reminds me why I come here year after year.
It's not just that sunshine that shears on my face,
or the amazing activities we do in this place.
It's not just the sugar cane stretching so far,
or sleeping at camp-outs under the stars.
It's the kids that I know, the people I see,
that is what makes this place so special to me!
It's helping a camper conquer their fears,
and seeing friends who I've not seen in years.
It's meeting new counselors and helping them grow,
and all of us saying, I don't want to go.
It's seeing my triplets coming to stay,
and feeling so sad that they are going away.
A reunion with the three musketeers,
friendships with people I treasure so dear.
I've had campers who are now working with me,
The scale of pride you wouldn't believe.
So here's to this place, 8 years from the start,
Its name in big letters, here on my heart!

By Sangoma 
Sugar Bay

For those of you that missed out on all the magical moments, make sure you don't miss out on the next magical holidays! For now, work hard in school and I'm sure your parents will send you to Sugar Bay! Remember, it's your world...

Friday, 10 January 2014

Good Morning Sunshine

It has been an amazing week at Sugar Bay and the words of the timeless Walt Disney ring so very true, "a dream is a wish your heart makes".

I think that many dreams and wishes have come true this week and that hearts are just a little warmer.
 As promised, here are a few more of the photos from this epic week - outdoor adventures and indoor creativity, day time adrenaline and night time magic.
'All it takes is faith and trust.' Peter Pan

Great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, impossible to forget

'Live every moment as not to regret what you are about to do' Mickey Mouse

Chilling with Fresh, Tricksy & Shotgun

Putting the 'zinc' in Zinwazi

Sugar Bay takeaways at the beach

'The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.' Marcel Proust
Smile and the whole world smiles with you
One of many exceptional sunrises over Zinkwazi beach
A cosy evening at the boma

One of our budding artists

The BMX gang

A lesson in buoyancy

"Once in a while someone amazing comes along...and here I am" Tigger

 P.S. In light of the quotation above, allow me to introduce you to the newest, and definately the cutest member of the Sugar Bay family - Kodak's puppy Sunshine.

Written by Blue
more photos on our facebook page