Thursday, 6 June 2013

Building Confidence at Camp

Summer camps provide much more than just plain entertainment to kids. Kids not only have great fun but also learn many things that they don’t get to in their schools and homes. Camp can offer a variety of learning activities that bring positive changes in the personality of the children. Counselors make sure that the kids are rewarded for their achievements so that it encourages kids to do even better.
Kids learn to be independent, explore out of their comfort zone and many by the end of camp have come out of their shell of shyness and nervousness. Summer camps enhance the self esteem of children and they return to school more confident and ready to face the new term head on. Camp hones their talents and skills, helping them to recognise their strength and teaches them how to overcome their weaknesses. They learn to share their things with others and develop new relationships with other children. The child becomes more social and adaptable and this is a must to succeed in the coming years of his/her life.
Sugar Bay provides activities that both challenge and motivate campers and each is run by a team of dedicated and skilled staff. There is a wide range of ways in which you can build self-confidence in children. They range from actively listening and encouraging them in their endeavors, to supporting them in making their own decisions, to simply providing unconditional love and support. For some, self-confidence will come naturally. For others, it will take time and nurturing in order to fully develop where camp provides the perfect environment to grow and blossom on their own.
Summer camps are supervised by experienced and well trained staff that make sure that all the kids receive proper attention and go back a more mature and confident. Their endeavour is to bring a positive and constructive change in kids. Summer camps help children to form new friendships and interact with them in free manner without any fear or shyness.
Involvement in camp have shown to;
- Promote general good health and fitness which leads to a strong self-image.
- Provide achievable, realistic challenges which develop their “can do” attitude that in turn supports the building of self-confidence.
- Introduce them to other children with similar interests facilitating friendships and boosting self-esteem and confidence.
- Assist in the natural release of endorphins and adrenalin which creates a flow of positive energy counterbalancing those lows we often experience in life.

Individual differences are celebrated through team building and bonding such as race, religion, culture, and experiences. Camp allows kids to do what they are best at: being a kid and gives them the freedom to explore aspects of their personality and skills that were otherwise ignored. Drama and arts also help to expand and express what a shy child may have never had the opportunity or the courage to do.

Kids leave camp glowing and brimming with confidence, a shock for most parents who may have not expected such a change in their child. Kids return home after a summer packed with excitement and activities with new levels of self-esteem, maturity, confidence, courage, and inner strength.

- Janine Cameron