Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Mysteries of missing materials at Sugar Bay

After a week of constant fun and laughter; missing items are probably the only (but major) “anti-climax” of camp. While campers return with a lot of exciting stories to share about their experience at camp, very few of these stories ever tell the tale of how that pair of jeans or takkies went missing. The loss of any item may be quite frustrating for any parent, especially if the lost property guidelines are not clear.

Below are our guidelines detailing how we take care of lost property at camp:

Counselors do not care about my missing items”
Counselors take the utmost care to prevent items from going missing. On the arrival day we point out the Lost Property section and explain the lost property procedures. We also display lost property everyday after lunch before campers go up for siesta. At the end of everyday, counselors go around camp to round up any items that have been left out, and place them in the Lost Property section.

Nobody helped me to find my items”
If an item is reported missing then the counselor makes it their duty to find the lost item. Counselors will go to every corner of Sugar Bay and search for the missing item as if it were a 'missing person' case. Even our managers have dedicated their time to drive around and find missing items, or items that were left behind at the beach or the park.

I left it there and it has disappeared”
If an item has been left out for a while then it has not grown legs and walked off, but has probably been collected and taken to the Lost Property Section by one of the counselors. If the item is not in lost property, then the search begins.

I gave it to my friend and now they don't know where it is”
We strongly encourage campers not to share clothes and other items to avoid arguments and accusations of theft. In the event of a friend losing the item we will contact the parents and resolve the situation if the item cannot be found.

We really do care about the missing items that land up in lost property. We also round up any lost property that was left at camp after the week is over, and send it to Lost Property Island where it is stored in the archives and waits for you to claim it. Please remember to put your name inside all your items so Captain Rosa can contact you and help return your lost treasures.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Warm Waffles Make Delicious Winter Memories

It's the second week of holiday camp and our camp spirits are still on an all time high. After 7 days of musical madness, we thought it would be fitting to tone down all that musical energy with some warm, fluffy waffles and ice-cream.

Campers were immediately introduced to Belgian Waffle Town as they were welcomed by the sweet aroma of soft, fluffy waffles and ice-cream. Watching these mouth watering delicacies made right before their eyes, not only increased their levels of excitement but also won these campers' taste buds over. After a melodious week, we can confidently say that this week will be absolutely tasty. We livened camp spirits with a variety of opening night games where campers were split into senior and junior groups and played some 'introductory games' where they were able to interact with fellow campers and in the process build new friendships. The best words to describe these games are "icey" and "creamy".

The excitement continued on Monday as campers headed down to the beautiful Zinkwazi shores where they spent the day taking part in various beach activities such as kayaking, body surfing and volley ball to name a few. The day was rounded off with an evening game of fear factor where campers faced their "food/waffle" fears and experimented with "unusual" waffle toppings like anchovies. This seemed to be the perfect way to encourage campers to escape their comfort zones and be young explorers.

Tuesday proved to be another day of fun (despite the rain) as campers enjoyed various indoor games. We did not let the grey skies cloud our opportunity to have fun and make new memories, if anything, it seemed to be the perfect time for some warm waffles.With activities such as indoor soccer, basketball, sumo wrestling, waffle making lessons, board games, indoor skating and loads more; an early night was indeed needed to regain energy for Wednesday's excursion to Gateway.

One could tell it was excursion day by the excited voices as campers discussed the fun games they would take part in. Deciding which sport would be the best for them seemed like quite the challenge for these young campers as they made their choices from skating, bowling, enjoying a few splashes at the wave house. For the children that remained on site, the entertainment still continued as they went fishing, played games and had a delicious pizza lunch.

Three days into camp and the fun still continues with a jam packed itinerary to get through before Sunday. In light of this, all we can say is; "we hope all taste buds are sharpened and ready to make delicious winter memories."

Friday, 3 July 2015

Musical Memories make Magical Moments

 Whew! Time really does fly when you're having a blast. We are already 5 days into camp, and with 2 more days remaining, we had to share the life changing fun that's been happening on our shores these past few days.

Campers kicked off the Monday blues with a trip to the beach where they spent the day making memories under the warm sun on the Zinkwazi shores. This pleasant day was rounded off by a perfect beach picnic with our awesome counselors. Later that evening, the juniors had a lot of slimy fun at their quiz night. Each group was asked a set of questions and the group that answered the most questions incorrectly had their counselor dunked in slime. The seniors had a musical evening as they headed down to the new sports hall for their "Riff Off" where they were split in groups of four and had the chance to share their favorite block busting musical tracks with other groups. This was indeed the best part of the night as we watched so many shy kids step out of their shells and join in the singing crowd.

On Wednesday, spirits were high as campers went on an excursion to the Barn Yard Theatre in Gateway for some live musical performances. After a wonderful evening of singing along to their favorite Lady Gaga tracks, these music lovers headed down to the Big M (McDonalds) for a hearty meal and then it was time to get back home. For those who did not join in on the excursion , there was an exciting evening planned for them as well. For this evening, campers made their own burgers with a variety of toppings and the sweet tooth was cured as they made their own ice-cream sundaes.With blankets and popcorn all set, campers then went into the theatre for the premier of the movie Pitch Perfect.

After days of activities and musical madness, Thursday evening was a moment to relax as the seniors (prepared with s'mores and a variety of snacks) gathered around the bon-fire and shared different stories about their best moments at camp, while also having conversations with their awesome counselors. Counselors also had the opportunity to share how they had enjoyed watching the growth from different campers, comparing their first day of arrival to the moment around the bon-fire, it was clear that camp had not just been a fun time, but a life changing experience for many.

As the week draws to an end, not only do we look forward to more fun and games, but to the different stories and testimonials of the life changing experiences at camp.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Camp drops a Pitch Perfect beat


"Without music, life would be an error"  - Friedrich Nietzsche


Holiday Camp is finally here! This season kicked off on a high note as we welcomed our campers from all over the country on Sunday. After weeks of excitement and preparation, the counselors were anxious to make sure that they provided our camp buddies with the best welcome to Barden University (the sunny skies and pleasantly warm weather made this a lot easier!).

Inspired by the popular movie Pitch Perfect; the best words to describe our theme this week are absolute aca-awesome musical madness. In this movie,  college life is made up of nothing less than acapella and total musical fun! The atmosphere was immediately filled with voices of excitement as new friendships were formed and old ones reconnected. The jury is still out on whether the excitement was driven by the theme, the sight of both new and old friends or the lovely reunion with our amazing counselors or possibly all three (our money's on all three).

Campers were immediately given a taste of the first day of university as they walked into a hall creatively set up with different activities stations, resembling the famous university "society extravaganza". At these different stations, campers were offered a multitude of activities that they could sign up for and take part in throughout their time at 'Barden University'. With a variety of activities; we ensured that there was something for everyone and campers could explore their full potential. For the young chef we had the cooking club, for the rhythmic and upbeat soul we had camp DJs, surf pros and beach lovers could join the life guard/beach club and last but certainly not least we had our very own Barden Bellas and Treble makers bringing acapella life to camp. 
With loads more fun activities and excursions coming up, we are certain that this week is definitely nothing short of fun and pure ACA-AWESOMENESS! Bring on a week of musical magic, friendships and total madness!