Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Fire & Ice week: hot days & the coolest kids

Happy hello to all !

I hope the week has brought you all sorts of happiness and smiles!

So last week the campers went all Australian on me, which was pretty epic since I love Australia and their accents! Being the camera lady is so entertaining sometimes.. I get to see the funniest things!

So as you have probably already seen on our media pages, this week's theme is “Fire & Ice”, which is crazy wicked! I'm loving it! From songs and dance, to team challenges, to ice experiments, it's just been non-stop craziness!

As always, the kids are just super stoked to being running around in the sunny sunshine on the beach, who could blame them?

Guess how many campers we have?.... Approximately 180 ! So myself and my side-kick, Doodle, are running up, down, left, right, and even flying, to get some awesome action shots of all your beautiful children! Yes... We can do this!

Here are some pictures to keep you in the loop :)

Until next time, keep safe, keep smiling, and keep loving.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Australian accents & Scavenger Hunts

From sunshine to rain, we have loved everyday! The kids at Sugar Bay have joined us for our Australian Week theme, where we have been putting on the most shameful Australian accents, but hey.... At least we're trying! My favourite word to say with an accent is “kangaroo”, you should try it!

We recently went on our camp out excursion, what a blast! The kids walked to our camp out spot, where we played stalk the lantern, sang camp songs around the fire, and roasted incredible marshmellows!

Not only are we having epic evening activities, I've seen some kids in the ocean doing what they thought they could never do - stand on the surf board! With the help of their supporting counsellors, I've seen so many kids here this week achieve greatness in all aspects. Big ups to all of you :)

Have a wonderful week ahead! Spread the love and light wherever you go.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Redhill all the way!

This week, Sugar Bay was blessed to have the grade 9 students from Redhill join us here at camp! This school has given us some of the best Counsellors in Training (C.I.Ts) that have turned into amazing counsellors, such a Milkshake! Needless to say we were all very excited for these students to join us!, and we have definitely not been disappointed!

From the first day, when we took all the campers down to the beach to explore our beautiful front, they showed us they were ready for an awesome week. Casino night on the first night was very exciting, as campers worked in teams to see who could win the most money!

Throughout the rest of the activities for the week, we had campers achieving some pretty amazing goals here at camp! Whether they were conquering their fear of heights at high ropes, or bringing out their adventurous side by taking the leap of faith off the King Swing, everyone tried something fun and exciting this week.

A big hit for the seniors had to be the early morning classes we had on offer. Who knew that seniors were so excited to wake up early and get the day started? The stand hour class had to be on Tuesday morning, as campers woke up extra early to catch the beautiful Zinkwazi sun rise. But that was not all, campers then had a choice between two classes - surfing and yoga. Words can not describe how awesome it was. Everyone left the beach that morning feeling ready for an wonderful day ahead!

The weather has been very kind to us this week, but unfortunately the rain did arrive on their last day. However, when the rain comes out at Sugar Bay the fun never stops! Counsellors go straight into action! Campers participated in activities such as mechanical surfboard, sumo wrestling and even got to learn how to spin staff and poi just like the counsellors! There was also and indoor soccer tournament going on, and campers were getting henna done!

Wednesday morning was a very sad morning at camp, as we had to say goodbye to all the Redhill campers. We are really going to miss their vibe here at camp, and hope to see them back for our AC programs and even better, our C.I.T Program!

Next week (20 April 2014) is Australia week here at Sugar Bay. I can't wait! Stay tuned to the blog to hear about all the fun and games happening here at the Bay! Remember it's your world! <3

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Locals at the Bay

On Wednesday Sugar Bay was flooded with 100 campers all from Durban! We were lucky enough to host two local popular schools. First up we had Durban North Primary School and Durban Girls College. These Grade 6's and 7's were ready for action when they arrived, and they were excited to spend the next few days here just having fun!


A special request made by the teachers was that campers had to have Team Building this week. Both schools took this challenge by the horns! Basically how it works is that campers get mixed up into teams and then rotate to different stations where as a team they will have to successfully complete a task. We have five different stations : Trigger Happy, Obstacle Course, Skating on thin ice, Leaning tower and my favourite people machine.

The reason people machine is my personal favourite is, because teams have to use their bodies to create as many things as they possibly can in a certain amount of time. The best I have seen is definitely the toaster, and this week the best was a Jack in the box.

After team building it was definitely time for some fun. Campers got the chance to go and have some fun at the beach, on land and even went on an adventure. No matter where they were, campers were always full of energy, going crazy when singing songs and loved all our Sugar Bay Games!

Even though they were only here for two days they still got to participate in our early morning activities. Yoga was definitely a big hit, with 20 campers next to the pool while Stretch taught them the art of yoga. To get their bodies moving in the morning campers also had water aerobics.

Thanks you to all the campers from Durban North Primary and Durban Girls College! We hope to see you all back here for our Holiday camps!

Stay tuned to the Sugar Bay Blog, as next week I give your the inside scoop on whats going to be happening in Australia week! Have an awesome weekend everyone! Remember it's your world... <3

Friday, 4 April 2014

Sugar Bay and the Minions!

Legendary! There is no other word I could use to describe this week at the bay! If you have not seen the movie Despicable Me, none of what I am about to tell you is going to make any sense. For those of you who loves this movie as much as I do, you can only imagine what a magical week we have had here at Sugar Bay.

From the very first day the theme was here to stay. Counsellors were dressed up head to toe in yellow and purple just like our favourite little minions. BBM, Hakka and Marvel dressed up as our Margo, Edith and Agnes. There was yellow and blue everywhere we looked, from the material to the balloons, and even the punch!

The first night started off with a bang where campers got to learn how to speak Minionese, and at this rate they are going to be fluent by the time they leave. Campers also learnt an awesome Flash Mob routine to the "Happy Song", and every time it played throughout this week they were on their feet rocking some crazy dance moves!

All the evening programs were minion related. The first night was "Who wants to be a Minionaire", where campers had to answer questions about the movie in order to win points for their team. One thing I forgot to mention is that campers have been split into two teams! The Purple and Yellow team (which represents the two types of minions). Throughout the week they will be able to win points towards the huge "all camp game" on Sunday.

Next up we had "Whose Minion is it anyway?", in which campers had a good laugh watching our famous counsellors up on stage! They even had a guest star, the big man himself, Tape join them for a night full of laughs. The campers that were brave enough also had the chance to go up and perform with our stars.

Yesterday, had to be my favourite day for this entire week! Campers had the choice to participate in one of two things. For those who were lucky enough to go on the excursion, they headed off to Mini Town and Fun World on the Durban beach front.  There they did things like bumper cars and the swings to name a few, and they then finished off the day with yummy Mc Donald’s!

For our other campers that were lucky enough to stay here they got to have Ski Day! The wake snake was out on the Sugar Bay lagoon and boy did the campers have fun. They then enjoyed homemade Sugar Bay pizza for lunch, and then had a pool party in the afternoon with the pool trampoline out and in action!

Thursday night we had a spectacular carnival in the hall. We had it all, from the mechanical surfboard, sumo wrestling, cup pong, human foose ball and for those who were brave - the haunted house. Trust me it was only for the brave at heart. We also had a yummy food station where campers got to make their own burgers with their choice of toppings.

Coming up this weekend
The awesome thing about this week is that so much has happened, but there is still so much more to come! This morning I had an awesome early morning Yoga class with Alaska where we showed all the campers our moves! What a beautiful way to start the day!

I am excited to see which team wins our all camp waterballoon fight on Saturday! I am also looking forwad to the magical final camp fire, I definitely think there are going to be lots of tears shed. But for now, I am going to pick out my yellow or blue outfit for party night tonight and dance the night away.

If you were not here this week you have definitely missed out on some special memories, but never fear we have two more holiday camps coming up this April. In my next blog you will hear all about what to expect and you never know, maybe you'll be in my next post!

Remember it your world! <3 Paris the Minion Out! <3

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A week of Despicable Fun

I hope you have all had a beautiful week, and that our campers are enjoying their school holidays.


If you're not at Sugar Bay for this holiday camp, you're missing out!!
“Despicable Me” Week has started with a bang! And is going to end with a boom! There are Minions everywhere!!

We have been so blessed with such beautiful weather so far, sunny sunny sunshine!

The kids have been layering themselves with sunblock while having the best beach day ever on Monday!

Kayaking, body boarding, surfing, swimming in the ocean, and so much more!
The energy here is fantastic, and all the kids have made so many new friends, I'm very excited for the week ahead!

The best experience is watching how the kids grow and take on new challenges, with the help of their counsellors, only rooting them on, and teaching them as much as they can.

These kids are professionals now :)

May the rest of your week be peaceful and happy.. And may you be at rest knowing that your kids are all safe and having an absolutely great time!

Keep smiling, keep loving.