Thursday, 15 October 2015

3 Ways you can be a supportive parent


Children often excel when they are given the chance to be who they want to become. Similarly, all parents want their children to be the best that they can be. However, for parents, this sometimes means finding a job that pays well so they can be guaranteed a stable future. Whereas, children are thinking more along the lines of doing what they are passionate about.

So, how can you help your child follow their dreams? Below are 3 ways you can support your child's passion, and how we at Sugar Bay implement these steps too.

  1. Let them explore:

    Encourage your children to try new things and don't pressure them to succeed.

    How Sugar Bay does this: Children are encouraged to try different activities all the time and the choice is entirely up to them as to what kind of activities they want to join. For example, a camper from Johannesburg who's never seen the beach before leaves camp feeling like the ultimate surfer.
  2. Speak of abundance and avoid scarcity:

    Your child should be able to believe that dreams are achievable. They should be able to do the things that they put their mind to, without being told that there are no resources or possibility of ever being able accomplish a dream.
    How Sugar Bay does this: Even when there is only one child who wants to go to a dance class, our dance instructor will accommodate that child rather than telling them that they cannot run the class.
  3. Watch movies or read books about big dreamers:
    You want your child to know that anything is possible if you dream it, see it, illustrate it.

    How Sugar Bay does this: Though we do not watch movies at camp because we emphasize the importance of being outdoors and interacting with other kids, story telling plays a huge role in helping children dream big. Whether these stories are told at the bonfire or in cabins just before bed time; our counselors have many stories to share about their experiences, and how dreaming big played a role in who they are today. 
I changed my course three times before finally doing something I love and am passionate about. My parents supported my decision without putting any pressure on me, and I couldn't be more thankful for that.

I've heard that those who dream big and follow those dreams will live longer, live happier and attract healthy, supportive people into their lives. Every parent wants that for their child. So whether you're raising a ballerina, soccer star or gymnast instead of the doctor or lawyer you dreamed of - supporting your children's dreams is a great way of expressing your love for them. 

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