Thursday, 23 February 2017

Upcoming April Holiday Camps

The first school break of 2017 is right around the corner and with 35% off all April camps, we're ready to make them a memorable one here at Sugar Bay. We have planned three magical themes for the upcoming April school holidays. Watch the trailer video above and you'll be as excited for April as we are!

Hipster Week: 9-16 April

Dazzle those nerd glasses and rock that moustache! It's time to be the coolest kid on the block during Hipster week at Sugar Bay. 


  • Hipster Hunt Games
  • Beach Bonfires
  • Trashion” Fashion Show
  • Hipster Board-Games
  • Epic Excursion – Durban Beach Front
  • Throwback Thursday Theme Fun
  • Starlight Movie Night on the Field
  • The Trendiest Party in Town Celebration
  • Mainstream Market Activities

Hogwarts Week: 16-23 April


We're calling all lovers of the Harry Potter series to join us at the school of witchcraft and wizardry for some magic and mysteries during Hogwarts week at Sugar Bay.


  • Cabin Allocation with the “Sorting Hat”
  • Hogwarts Quiz Night
  • Invisible Cloak Raid Game
  • Camp Out at the Forbidden Forest
  • Tri-Wizard Tournament
  • Prisoners of Azkaban Games
  • Hogwarts Themed Dinner
  • Tri-Wizard Ball
  • All camp Quidditch


Beauty & the Beast Week: 23-30 April


Belle and the Beast await all their fellow friends of the enchanted castle to join them at the Sugar Bay village for Beauty & the Beast week. 


  • Themed Art & Crafts Classes - Candle-Making/Rose Icing Figurines/Biscuit-Making
  • Themed Singing/Dancing Classes
  • Beauty & the Beast Stage Production
  • Beauty & the Beast Movie Night
  • Enchanted Excursion – Galleria Ice Rink
  • Village Games – Wheelbarrow & Potato Sack Race
  • Themed Games – Feeding the Beast/Beauty & a Beat Lip-Sync-Battle/Create-a-Beast/Capture the Rose
  • The Beast's Ball – Themed Party night
  • Pin the Rose/Collect the Rose Ongoing Games

Watch the trailer video for our April camps on our YouTube channel and have a look at how we make these themes come alive every holiday. You can also visit our website for more information about our camp and say "Hello" to us on Facebook.

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