Thursday, 19 September 2013

Bring your school

Hi there all my awesome campers!
Some of you might not know this but here at Sugar Bay not only do we have Holiday camps but we also have school tour were you and your school can come to Sugar Bay on a fun school tour! You can bring your whole grade or even your whole school with all your friends! You Teachers also come a long but just imagine how much fun they would have! I think everyone would get an A+ ! School tours also have different activities like Beach and Land Team Building were you guys learn how to do some really fun things together! We also have Marine Biology were we teach you about our friendly creature like Sharks, Whales and Dolphins! So speak to your teachers let them know how much fun and super educational Sugar Bay is and you never know you could be here with your school! Also speak to them and we could come to your school and do a presentation with all you favorite weird and wacky counselors! Thank you to the campers from Flamboyant and Saheti that have been here for the last two weeks, it has been a blast!
Avengers Week starts in just 4 Days! I am SUPER excited . I hope to see you all there or at our CraZy December Camps! I'll keep you posted on what fun stuff will be happening, so keep reading... Remember its your World!
Paris Sugar Bay

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